Here's How Jaclyn Hill's 3 BECCA Highlighters Look

by Erin Mayer

If you're even slightly interested in makeup you've probably heard about Jaclyn Hill's Champagne Pop highlighter, which she created in collaboration with BECCA Cosmetics. It was first released in 2015 to great fanfare, and for summer 2016 Hill and BECCA have joined forces again for a whole Champagne Collection that includes Champagne Pop in its original powder form, as well as in liquid and cream versions, plus limited edition face and eye palettes. There's never been a better time to embrace some serious glow!

Unlike the aforementioned palettes, the new formulas will be permanent editions to the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector family, which is exciting news for fans of the blockbuster shade. But you might be wondering — are the three Champagne Pop formulas actually different?

Personally, I can't get enough of this highlight in all its forms. I'm definitely not on Team Matte when it comes to my complexion, and so I've found that each Champagne Pop derivative has a place on my vanity. However, if you're trying to settle on just a single version of Champagne Pop to scoop up, consider what kind of glow you're after. Here is a breakdown of each kind to help you decide.

1. Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured Creme

The creme version of Champagne Pop ($38) comes in BECCA's signature sleek compact and contains .19 ounces of product, compared to .28 ounces that you get with the powder.

You can't tell by looking at this photo, but I really loaded the highlight onto my wrist for this swatch. It's very subtle.

I applied the cream highlight to my cheekbone and above my brow using my fingertips. Obviously I'm quite fair-skinned so it would likely show up more dramatically on someone with a darker skin tone, but either way you can count on this version to deliver a subtle, natural glow. It's super easy to blend into the skin and leaves a dewy finish. In a video about the collection, Jaclyn Hill specifically recommends this formula for mature skin, but I think it's great for anyone who wants more subdued radiance.

2. Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed

This is the OG highlight that broke the Internet, pictured here on the bottom left of the Champagne Glow Face Palette (the other highlight next to it is called Prosecco Pop). The powder version of Champagne Pop is also sold separately in a compact for $38.

You can already tell from the swatch that the powder version of CP is higher impact than the creme.

Now that's a highlight! Again, I applied this just to my cheekbones and above the brow with my fingers. The really good news is that the powder is super buildable, so if you want to be able to rock both a subtle glow and a "visible from outer space" beam, you can achieve both depending on how much you pack on and what kind of brush you use.

3. Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid

The liquid Champagne Pop ($41) comes in slim bottle with a pump for easy application.

Here it is blended out on my wrist. A little goes a very long way with this product, so keep that in mind when applying.

Out of all three, the liquid version is by far the most versatile. I put this one all over my face, again using just my hands, rather than a more targeted application. It's not glittery at all, so you can kind of go wild. As Hill herself says in a video breakdown of the entire Champagne Collection, you can use this all over the face on "no makeup days" for an all-over glow, mixed in with foundation, layered under the powder version of Champagne Pop, and even on the body.

Final verdict? While I don't necessarily think you need to pick up all three, there are some differences to keep in mind. Which one you should have in your collection really depends on personal preference, since they're all gorgeous and highly pigmented. The BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection launched exclusively on the Sephora website on May 26 and will be in Sephora stores on June 16.