Nicki Minaj Sued Over Wigs. For Real.

In Why Are People Always Suing Each Other Over Crazy Stuff news, Nicki Minaj's wig designer is suing the rapper for making money off of his designs by selling them on her own without his permission. Additionally, the man says that Minaj walked out of business plans with him including the development of a reality show. The wig designer, Terrence Davidson, is suing Minaj and her company Pink Personality LLC and according to his lawyer, Christopher Chestnut, has suffered $30 million in loses. Chestnut says, "She lied, cheated, she stole from him. That's a misappropriation of his intellectual property."

Davidson began working with Minaj, real name Onika Maraj, in 2010, according to the ABC News. He created custom wigs for Minaj including the ones she wore to "a preshow for MTV's Video Music Awards, during media appearances in London and for the music video "Super Bass." As for the reality show, Davidson claims to have been convinced by Minaj's team to back out of plans for a show that had been discussed — and which would have brought him money — and was eventually shut out of Minaj's life altogether. A reality show about wigs doesn't sound too good, so it was probably for the best.

Minaj currently sells replica wigs online, so maybe Davidson does have a chance of getting some money out of this; although Chestnut refers to the case as "a classic David versus Goliath situation" which doesn't sound very hopeful.

If you're interested, the entire complaint is available below. It's a massive document at 30 pages long, but it does contain wigs talked about using legal jargon which is pretty funny. Here's a taste: "As set forth above, Mr. Davidson created countless fresh, hip and unique wigs from which Maraj could choose a style depending on the event." There are also pictures in case you want to see which wigs in particular are causing so much distress.