How Long Will 'TVD's New Characters Last?

New (and old) characters have been dropping like flies left and right on the CW's The Vampire Diaries this season — and now, two more are joining the ranks. It was announced a few days ago that Heather Hemmens and Chris Brochu will join The Vampire Diaries sometime during the remainder of Season 5. Hemmens will be playing Enzo's long-lost love interest and Brochu will play TVD 's second gay character, a new Whitmore College-student named Luke. Place your bets on how long these two will last before they meet a tragic fate like most of the fifth season's new characters.

The Vampire Diaries is no stranger to dramatic and unexpected deaths, so we're honestly not surprised when new characters get their throats ripped out in the middle of the road (Aaron Whitemore). But this season seems to keep bringing new characters on just to kill them off in a few short episodes. (The shortest appearance was made by Bonnie's dad Rudy and Caroline and Elena's college roommate Megan, for one episode each.) So, when the announcement popped up that Hemmens (Hell Cats) and Brochu (CSI: NY, NCIS: LA) would be joining the cast the first question that came to our minds was, "How long will they last?"

Hemmens is set to play Maggie and will debut in episode 19. We learned about Maggie earlier this season when Enzo, Damon's cellmate from his Augustine days, told Damon about the girl he fell for while he was imprisoned. Apparently Maggie was a lab assistant to Dr. Whitmore but was ignorant to the fact that he was torturing vampires. When she finally realized what was going on, she left and Enzo hasn't seen her since. While Brochu will be playing the series' second gay character and a new Whitmore student that will get close to Elena and Caroline for "potentially dangerous reasons." (He's tied to the Witch/Traveller war somehow.)

Depending on whether or not Maggie's turned into a vampire since her Augustine days — we're going to say that neither of these two is likely to survive to appear next season or even this season's finale. Based on all of the previous deaths this season (we've listed them below), they don't stand a chance.

New Characters Who Died In Season 5

Megan King — She was Elena and Caroline's college roommate for about six hours. She was bitten by a vampire and then thrown off a fraternity house's roof during their first night at Whitmore College. The college ruled her death an accident but it obviously wasn't.

Rudy Hopkins — Bonnie's dad and short-term mayor of Mystic Falls. Hopkins isn't necessarily new either, but he's only made small cameos throughout the series — so we're counting him. Silas killed him in front of the whole town (while Bonnie watched) in the first episode.

Silas — Silas wasn't exactly a new character, but we did only see his real face for the first time during the final minutes of season four's finale episode. After terrorizing everyone for a few episodes at the beginning of season five, he was killed by Stefan (his doppelgänger).

Amara — She lived for about five minutes. The original Petrova doppelgänger couldn't wait to die after spending thousands of years as the anchor to the Other Side. (Who could blame her really?) She ultimately convinced Silas to kill her after she'd been made mortal — so he cut her throat. Sigh, lovers.

Qetsiyah — The craziest witch thus far who also happened to be a Traveller (how can you be both). Tessa (as she was called in present day) cast the first Immortality Spell on Silas before she found out that he was using her to spend eternity with her maid, Amara. Basically, all she wanted was for Silas to suffer — so she tortured him via Stefan and then, after casting a spell that brought Bonnie back to life, she killed herself. And went off to torture Silas and Amara on the Other Side.

Jesse — Caroline briefly flirted with Jesse, an upperclassman, when her and Elena got to Whitmore. But then Wes turned him into a vampire that likes to drink vampire blood as one of his Augustine experiments — so Elena had to kill him because he attacked Damon. Again, the college tells everyone that he killed himself.

Aaron Whitmore — Aaron made it impressively far for being an Augustine descendent. He bonded with Elena for a little while, but ultimately (like the rest of his family) Damon killed him.

Main Characters Who Kind-Of Died In Season 5

Katherine (kind of) — She technically died of old age — being thousands of years old will do that to you. But then she jumped into and took over Elena's body thanks to her Traveller daughter, Nadia. So technically she's still alive, just with no body.

Stefan (kind of) — He spent the better part of the fifth season's first episodes trapped in a safe where he drowned to death over and over and over again. Obviously, because he's a vampire, he couldn't really died — but he kind of did? He's fine now, though.

Bonnie (kind of) — Bonnie was also "dead" for the first few episodes of season five. But now, thanks to the magic that killed her, she's alive and well and perpetually feeling all of the pain of other dead supernatural beings. What a great life.

So, good luck, Maggie and Luke. You probably won't make it through to season six, but hopefully you'll get to have a little fun before you die.

Image: The CW