Ashton Kutcher Just Reinvented The Suspenders

Making a surprise appearance at the Billboard Music Awards, Ashton Kutcher wore suspenders outside of his jacket to the music event. Yes, you read that right. It's been a while since the star has stepped onto the red carpet, and no he's doing it in the most unconventional way. It might have been a subtle accessory, but people definitely noticed.

When Mila Kunis stepped out at the event with her two Bad Moms co-stars, it was only a matter of time until Kutcher showed up as well. I never imagined that he would be wearing what he did though. The actor seemed to be wearing a casual, all lack outfit from the front. But when he turned around, the look got a bit more unconventional. Making a case for the unpractical accessory, Kutcher had suspenders on the back of his jacket.

The accessory definitely made turned a typical outfit into something a little more, err, different. He's much more laid back than most of the stars that hit the carpet, but props to him for rocking his own style. Could the faux suspenders be the next trend? Is the half-suspenders a thing now? I don't know, but Kutcher definitely pulled it off.

David Becker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Like I said, you can't really tell from the front that the suspenders are attached to the back. Once you see it, the outfit won't be the same.

David Becker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you look on his shoulder, you can see that the suspenders are attached to only the back.

Here's what people had to say about the actor's new trend:

Definitely next-level hipster.

People aren't even mad that he went against the normal trends.

But others are very concerned.

But all in all, people are happy she's here,