How to Organize Your Bathroom With 9 Pretty Tricks

I consider myself a pretty organized person, but knowing how to keep the bathroom neat used to be my downfall. Granted, my daily beauty routine requires a blow dryer, a straightener, four brushes, and a whole bag of cosmetics, so I’m always looking for storage tricks for tiny bathrooms and ways to keep everything more organized.

When it really comes down to it, the overarching solution is way simpler than you probably thought. In fact, it’s probably a lesson you learned some time around preschool in regard to keeping your cubby clean: If everything has a place, you’ll always find what you’re looking for, and you’ll never have to worry about clutter, messes, or re-organizing your bathroom again.

For most people, however, the bathroom is the smallest room in their house, yet it contains more stuff that they’ll use on a daily basis than any other area. Throw in a small counter, minimal storage, inconvenient cabinet placement, musky-smelling towels, and a sibling-sharing situation (for those of us still at home), and you’re in for a disaster if you don’t plan out your bathroom storage space carefully. Thankfully, though, there are tons of space-saving alternatives and hacks that you can use to keep your bathroom organized, clean, functional, and beautiful, no matter how small a space you’ve got.

Keep Your Hair Tools Organized And Provide Extra Pluggage

Saloniture Tabletop Blow Dryer & Hair Iron Holder, $26, Amazon

This Saloniture Tabletop blow dryer and iron holder is one of the most genius inventions I’ve seen in a pretty long time. Not only does it contain space-saving holders for your hair tools and brushes, but it’s got three additional plugs, so you never again have to choose between your straightener, your blow dryer, or your phone ever again. It’s made from a durable high-grade steel that protects itself from heat and won’t tip over, and because it’s sleek and only a few inches in diameter, it’s a great solution for any cluttered counter top.

Turn Your Necessities Into A Beautiful Handmade Decoration

Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer, $30, Amazon

One of the best ways to organize your bathroom is to turn your necessities into decorations. This beautifully hand-made mason jar bathroom organizer mounts onto your wall to hold your cotton balls, Q-tips, makeup brushes, dental tools, or bottles, but because it adds a classy rustic finish to any bathroom, your things will look less like clutter and more like a nice design element. Because it’s made-to-order, and each piece of wood is cut and distressed separately, you’ll have a unique and interesting way to keep your cosmetics and toiletries handy while keeping your countertops clear.

Deep Cabinets? Everything’s At Your Fingertips With This Turntable

Copco Non-Skid Cabinet Turntable, $6, Amazon

If you’ve got cabinet storage galore, but find yourself losing things that toppled over and got shoved to the very back, this Copco non-skid cabinet turntable takes the Lazy Susan method out of the kitchen and into the bathroom. It’s the number one best-selling turntable because it’s super durable, holds tons of weight, and spins without catching or skidding, so you can peruse and grab your beauty products with ease. It also has a thick rim to prevent things from falling off, as well as a rubber lining to stop bottles from sliding, which is why reviewers have called this the “best way to utilize space in a deep pantry.”

Don’t Let Gravity Get You Down

Bathroom Hose Shower Caddy, $29, Amazon

Over-the-shower holders are great because they save a lot of space in otherwise-tight quarters, but the slightest nudge often sends your bottles toppling to the floor. This Bathroom Hose shower caddy is ridiculously innovative because it utilizes gravity and a bottle-cradling design to keep your shampoos and conditioners put. It has six angled shelves, two hooks, and two lower shelves to hold everything from your soaps to your razors, and because it’s made from rust-resistant coating and fits most shower heads, it’s been called “the end all, be all of shower caddies” by reviewers.

Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Fresh And Clean, Always

All Natural Bamboo Charcoal Moisture Absorber Air Purifier, $15, Amazon

These bamboo charcoal air filters are trending like crazy right now, as they’re an all-natural way to absorb moisture, cleanse the air, and get rid of any unwanted smells in your house. These ones are completely odorless and non-toxic, as they’re made from premium bamboo charcoal and a stitched linen bag, but because they come in a pack of four space-saving air purifiers, instead of one large one, they’re great for shelves, cabinets, towel racks, or countertops. Simply put these anywhere in your bathroom to absorb smells and moisture, and all you have to do to renew them is stick them out in the sun for an hour or two once a month; talk about low maintenance.

Stick Your Cosmetics To The Wall Or Inside Cabinets With This Nifty Holder

Peel and Stick Adhesive Vanity Cosmetic Organizer, $9, Amazon

This adhesive cosmetic organizer is a great option when your makeup starts to spread across your counter like a cosmetics-induced plague. Because it stands upright and is made from a clear plastic material, you can see and grab everything you need, from makeup brushes to toothpaste. But here’s where it’s innovative: It has an adhesive backing to stick to all metals, woods, tiles, or glass, so this thing stays out of sight and out of your way when you’re not using it. Use its ridiculously strong hold to attach it to the inside of your cabinets or your mirror, but no worries – when you’re ready to remove it, it comes off without any damage or sticky residue.

Utilize That Empty Door Space To Hang Your Towels

Home Basics 5-Hook Over The Door Hanger, $12, Amazon

Hanging your towels to dry is imperative if you want to avoid that mildew-y smell, but some people just don’t have the room. This five-hook hanger is an innovative and space-saving way to hang your towels without cluttering up the walls, but because it’s extra durable, made of a sleek chrome finish with a decorative design, and goes right over your bathroom door frame without installation, tools, or hassle, it’s one of the best ways to hang up to five different towels or garments somewhere that’s entirely out of the way. Plus, it's stylish organization that doesn't break the bank.

Pretty Glass Spice Jars Consolidate Space in the Medicine Cabinet

Clear Glass Chalkboard Spice Jars, $18, Amazon

If your medicine cabinet is a constantly-tumbling heap of different-sized pill bottles and beauty products, this one is for you. Simply transfer your dry shampoos, baby powders, vitamins, and bobby pins into these cute little chalkboard spice jars, label them accordingly on their chic-looking chalkboard labels, and enjoy a beautifully organized medicine cabinet. Because these are uniformly sized and have flat edges, they’ll fit side by side without wasting any space, and since they’re made from sturdy glass with five-hole fitments included, you can dispense just about everything with ease and convenience.

Organize And Store With Fashionable Folding Baskets

Winsome Wood Capri Folding 6-Piece Fabric Basket Set, $25, Amazon

When it comes to bathroom storage, fabric baskets are a great option because when they’re not in use, they fold up to save space. These Winsome Wood Capri Folding 6-Piece Fabric Baskets are durable and sturdy while set up, but they collapse into tiny flat squares when disassembled, so you can hold everything from towels to brushes, both inside your cabinets or out on your shelves. They’re decorative enough to add a pretty style element to any bathroom — this set comes with six fabric boxes in a lovely chocolate brown, and reviewers say it’s the best deal they’ve found just about anywhere.

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