20 Clever #NewTrumpTVShows Tweets

Donald Trump is no stranger to the camera. The billionaire-turned-presidential-candidate starred on The Apprentice for 11 years, and produced the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants for 14 years. As the GOP's presumptive presidential nominee, Trump is now constantly doing TV interviews and speeches. Twitter users have some ideas of their own for his next entertainment venture, tweeting #NewTrumpTVShows the presidential candidate should star in.

Much of America still can't believe that Trump could be the next president, and one Twitter user even wondered, "What if this whole running for election was to promote his show. Good one." That would be a very drawn-out and expensive advertising scheme, but nothing's impossible when it comes to the reality TV star currently running for the highest office in the nation — he's clearly a fan of the spotlight.

Here are 20 of the best #NewTrumpTVShows tweets. Whether it's a dig at his policy plans, sexism scandals, or appearance, #NewTrumpTVShows play off the unbelievable character that is Donald Trump. Who knows — if the presidency thing doesn't work out, Trump could very well use all the attention to actually create a TV show (starring himself, of course).

"American Horror Story"

"Deadliest Catch At The Border"

"The Walking Orange"

"Little Hands On The Prairie"

"Orange Is The New Black"

"Daughter Wives"

"The West Wing Casino & Resort"

"How To Get Away With Lying About Literally Everything"

"The Shady Bunch"

"Boy Cheats World"

"Are Your Hands Larger Than A Fifth Grader's?"

"Dancing With The Czars"

"Who Wants To Be A Canadian?"

"The Fresh Prince Of Hell Hair"

"End Of Happy Days"

"Dora The Deported"

"Two Broke Companies"

"The Amazing Racist"

"The Biggest Loser"

"Drumpfton Abbey"

Any one of these would be an instant hit.

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