This Jewelry Made From Breastmilk Is Not Only Beautiful, But Has An Empowering Origin Story

What started off as a personal thank you gift from Ann Marie Sharoupim to her breast milk donor has quickly turned into a creative idea any mother can enjoy. The intricate and empowering jewelry made from breastmilk can be bought online, almost like any other present that pops into your head. Handmade with care, and resembling a pearl like stone, breast milk jewelry is here to stay.

Ann Marie had the idea to create the jewelry after experiencing trouble breastfeeding her second daughter Gabriella, a problem that can affect up to five percent of women. Some mothers who are having trouble choose to get breastmilk donors instead of switching to formula. In Ann Marie's case, she was so thankful for the donation that she made a pendant for the donor out of her breastmilk. It was so well received that Ann Marie decided that she would continue making jewelry! Her website sports pendants, rings, and even earrings made of breastmilk stones ready for purchase. All you have to do is provide a breastmilk sample, and Ann Marie will do the rest.

Being a mother has never been more complicated than today. Feeding your baby is like walking through a minefield of opinions. Are you comfortable doing it in public? Should you switch to formula or stick to breastmilk? If you choose to use one, how do you find a good breastmilk donor? It's wonderful to see someone who is taking something often fraught with stress and struggle and turning it into something empowering. And when the empowering looks as good as Ann Marie's jewelry, we can all agree on the merits.

The way that Ann Marie Sharoupim gets the stones to look like pearls involves turning liquid milk into a solid resin. Since she is a pharmacist, Ann Marie has experience with chemical reactions — and she put it to great use! Watch out, Mr. White, we have a new sheriff in town.

The beautiful looking earrings are pretty enough to have me wishing I was lactating. Was that a weird thing to admit? I don't even care! I love the milky quality to the stone (no pun intended). This would be a lovely gift on Mother's Day or even a push present. Something that is both part of a mother and her baby at the same time.

In the end, the design is classy, sustainable and personal. What more can you want from a piece of jewelry? Check out her website and jewelry selection to see if there is something that fits your fancy!

Images: Debora Lacreta For Mama's Liquid Love