What Happens When Couples Swap Phones For The Day?

Everyone uses their phone a little differently. Some folks send Snapchats and kill time on Candy Crush constantly, while others stick to texting, taking pictures or recording music. Whatever you do with your phone, few of us would voluntarily give up our cellular lifelines. So when couples swap phones for a day in a new BuzzFeedYellow video, chaos, of course, ensues.

You don't need a study to tell you how much our phones are an intimate part of our personal and professional lives, and that cell phone addiction is real. But here's one anyways! A survey of recent Baylor University grads found that women were using their phones an average of 10 hours a day. I repeat: 10 out of 24 hours were dedicated to phone use. And for dudes, it was seven and a half hours. So that means your average heterosexual couple will have some discrepancies in their screen time. And that, of course, can cause it's own relationship problems. The newfangled name for the issue is "pphubbing" (partner phone snubbing), but it isn't relegated to any gender expression.

So back to the business at hand: would you give your partner your phone for the day? What, if any, kinds of private things would they find on it, who in your fave contacts would they reach out to, and would they post on your social media accounts if they could? Watch what happened to one brave couple:

Images: BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube