Derek From 'The Bachelorette' & Jim Halpert From 'The Office' Look Exactly The Same

There are two things I love above all others in this world: Cheesy reality television and NBC sitcoms. And never in a million years did I ever think that these genres would collide on the 2016 Bachelorette premiere, but here we are. On Monday night, JoJo Fletcher's men made their grand limo entrances, and if you watch The Office as obsessively as I do, you probably noticed that one face in the crowd looks a little familiar. Is it just me, or does Bachelorette contestant Derek look exactly like Jim Halpert? They were practically separated at birth.

And no, I am not saying Derek looks like the actor John Krasinski, although I can understand where you would make that mistake. I am talking about the actual Jim Halpert, but in the later seasons, after he finally figured out how to make his hair look all smooth and coiffed. Those eyes! That smile! And since Jim has always been my number one fictional crush, Derek being his lookalike immediately makes me like him. What are the chances he also plays tricks on his coworkers and will adorably and patiently wait on the sidelines for JoJo to realize that he is the right person for her?

Not convinced? Here's definitive proof:

I thought for sure Jordan would be my Bachelorette #MCM this season, but I think this officially seals Derek in the lead in my heart. I wonder if JoJo has seen The Office? If not, she's wasting her time looking for love when she should really be watching Netflix at home until she's caught up. And if she hasn't, she's totally going to miss out on the resemblance!

Sigh. Please let him propose to her in the rain at a gas station somewhere between Scranton and New York. Unrealistic? Yes. But so is The Bachelorette, so anything could happen.

Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC