11 Delicious Quick Breads You Can Make At Home, I Promise

Quick breads are the best friend you never had: after a long day, a crumbly loaf will welcome you home and warm you up. It will love you unconditionally. And then, you will slather on some butter and eat it.

Swapping yeast for baking soda, these sweet and savory loaves are a delectable answer to your weeknight cravings. They take half the time of yeast breads, but they are just as glorious. Whether you’re a banana fiend or a pumpkin eater, quick bread will always be there when you need it most. Keep reading for our favorite, carb-happy recipes. Image: Joy the Baker

by Lisa Siva

Lemon & Blueberry

When life gives you lemons…make this zesty bread from The Comfort of Cooking. Filled with blueberries and drizzled in glaze, it’s a loaf worth waking up for.

Image: The Comfort of Cooking

Yogurt & Molasses

Meet your new favorite loaf: this all-purpose, foolproof bread is as healthy as it is scrumptious, with just a hint of earthy sweetness. The folks over at Food52 break it down.

Image: A Pocketful of Chocolate

Brown Butter & Strawberry

Rich brown butter and juicy strawberries. All is right in this world. Joy the Baker has the recipe.

Image: Joy the Baker

Prosciutto & Cheddar

Venture into savory territory with The Fromagette. Prosciutto adds a welcome saltiness to this buttery loaf.

Image: The Fromagette


Cornbread was our first quick bread love, and it will always have a place in our hearts. The buttermilk in’s recipe keeps things light and fluffy.


Carrot Cake

For those of us with a serious sweet tooth, A Cozy Kitchen has just the thing. This carrot cake-inspired loaf has all the flavors we love, complete with a cream cheese glaze. Go ahead — have a slice for breakfast. We won’t tell.

Image: A Cozy Kitchen

Cheddar & Cranberry

Sweet meets savory in this winter weather loaf. The crunch of pecans takes Joy the Baker’s bread to a whole new level.

Image: Joy the Baker


Nothing beats a lightly spiced banana bread, and Hummingbird High’s recipe is a classic.

Image: Hummingbird High

Apple & Cinnamon

Brown Eyed Baker packs the taste of apple pie into one delicious quick bread — minus the guilt.

Image: Brown Eyed Baker

White Cheddar & Beer

Sharp cheddar and beer make this quick bread from How Sweet It Is a winner. Smear with apple butter and revel in its glory.

Image: How Sweet It Is

Pumpkin & Chocolate Chip

You can’t do winter breads without pumpkin. Love and Lemons’ chocolate-studded loaf is a decadent twist on the quick bread staple.

Image: Love and Lemons