This Hack Lets You Filter Content From Facebook

How many times this week alone did you wish you could filter all of the election season rants on your feed? Even if it's just a select few times, this new Facebook filter Chrome extension by Manosai and Arjunan will basically make your entire life easier. You can type in any keywords that you do not want to see and then, as if by magic, they're removed. Simple, easy, and totally doable.

At this point I can only speak on my experience using it and I think it has proven to work magic on my newsfeed. I have tested it out at first by typing a signature word from the first post I saw. The moment I submitted the keyword, it disappeared from my feed. Encouraged by this quick turnaround, I went keyword crazy. This goes way beyond just election season warfare, guys — you can use it to block spoilers when you haven't caught up to The Bachelorette on DVR, use it to ban the keywords in a concert you're super sad you're missing, or even use it to hide triggering words like "diet". As you can see, my priorities re: this Chrome extension are clearly in the right place.

So far, so good. If you want to try this out for yourself, below is the guide of how to use the new Facebook filter Chrome extension:

This window will pop up and you will click "add extension".

A confirmation that the filter has been installed will pop up.

The little Facebook funnel icon is now squarely sitting on your Chrome browser and will turn blue when applicable. It's grey and blends in with the surroundings whenever you are not on Facebook. By clicking on the icon, it will create a pop-up window that you can type in any kind of keyword you like.

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The way I see this being used is not a long term solution for junk, but instead a way to filter out content for short bursts of time.

You can always remove the keywords and catch up on all the statuses you missed and articles people have posted. That way, you never have to miss out on viral content, but also do not get overwhelmed by it.

You can download the Chrome extension here.

Images: Andrew Zaeh/Bustle; Dasha Fayvniva