TLC alum Shuts Up The Miley Cyrus Haters

Hasn’t everyone spent enough time complaining about Miley Cyrus yet? I mean seriously, the woman is 21 years old and you would think that we would just let her do what she wants by now. Too many haters (moms) have been criticizing her Bangerz tour for what they deemed inappropriate because apparently they didn’t watch any of her music videos before buying tickets worth hundreds of dollars for her concert. Even the Twitterverse continues to play the anti-Miley card. Recently, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, singer of the group TLC, took her daughter Chase Rolison to Cyrus’s concert, which started yet another pointless Twitter war between Watkins and all the trolls out there.

After some of Watkins followers began condemning her for taking her daughter to a concert that, as user @audi5_thou said was “not for kids” and that “Miley has turned into the tramp of the industry. Hope Chase ain’t scarred,” Watkins swiftly came to the pop singer’s defense. She tweeted that though not all of Cyrus’s performance stunts were tasteful, “That’s not nasty or crawling…twerking… and grinding.” This began of tirade of tweets from Watkins who insisted that her daughter understood what a ho, slut and whore was and that it’s not OK, but that Cyrus does not fall under that category.

She also compared Cyrus to two other top female singers, later referring to Beyonce as one of them, tweeting that if parents take their children to these “top 2 chicks” concerts, then there shouldn’t be anything wrong with bringing them to Cyrus’s concert.

Basically, we’d like to give a round of applause to Watkins for standing up to all the non-Smilers and encouraging Cyrus to embrace all she has to offer and to ignore the bullshit. Plus, she also tweeted this photo of herself with Kellan Lutz amidst the argument, so we pretty much have to give Watkins a “Mom Of The Year” award for being so goddamn awesome.

For more of Watkins' tweets, read below:

Image: therealtboz/Instagram