The Violet Voss x Laura Lee Release Date Is Here

by Kali Borovic

She can do makeup, give some of the best product reviews, and now she even designs her own eyeshadow palettes. After teasing her new creation all over social media, YouTube vlogger Laura Lee's Violet Voss palette finally has a release date. She might have kept her fans waiting for the big news, but it won't be much longer now.

When Lee announced that she had created her very own palette with Violet Voss, it didn't take long for her fans to get excited. It's her first ever collaboration in the makeup world, but from one look at this eye collection, you can tell she's a pro. Although there's already been a surprise round of pre-released palettes out, the official pre-release date is June 10. If you need some extra time to save, have no fear because the full-release will be on June 23. It's now, in true Laura Lee fashion, that I say — mark those calendars, honey!

If you're not familiar with Laura Lee, you will be after looking at her palette. With names like Alabama, Britches, and Larlee, she truly put herself and her hometown into the palette. There's 20-shades jam packed with neutrals, pops of color, and a little bit of shimmer. Basically, it's everything you'd ever need in a staple palette.

Plus those names are too stinking cute! The colors pack just as much of a punch as the vlogger herself, but did you really expect anything less?

For her very first collaboration, this sure is a showstopper. I'm willing to bet that this is only the beginning of gorgeous launches for the YouTube star. Just wait until you see the swatches.

Wearable and super pigmented? I'd say that's the making of a truly good palette. Make sure to be waiting by your computer on June 10 at 1pm EST when the product goes live, because I'm willing to bet it won't be around for long.

Image: LarLarLee/Instagram (1)