Calm Down, 1D Fans, You Can Breathe Now

There have been plenty of rumors flying about the man-boys of One Direction breaking up. 1D fans, never to be outdone by shrill, inaccurate gossip sites have reached a fever pitch on Twitter and Tumblr, trying to "hold on too tight" to the boys that told them they were beautiful. Well, crazed Directioners, you can stop hugging your Harry Styles pillow case, put down your Liam bobblehead, and relax, because One Direction is not breaking up.

Of course, the band members have been spending some time apart lately, to visit their families, think of new song ideas, and chill. And naturally, every gossip site pointed this out as the end of days for 1D, as if it never occurred to them that five perfectly coiffed, expertly tailored young men might get sick of each other. So, Payne-worshippers and Tomlinsonites, maybe you should try living and travelling with the same four dudes all the time, and see if you need a break.

If you don't believe me, listen to your prophet, the venerable Harry Styles himself. In response to the rumors that the boys were breaking up, Styles said, "We’re not splitting up, we’re writing our next album." See, for your pop music idols, albums come about after they each think of ideas individually, then put them together. Like a puzzle. A tight-pants-driven puzzle.

So, D fandom, how about you put down those 1D 4EVA t-shirts, pick up a cup of tea, and take it down a notch.