Where You Should Take A Spontaneous Trip, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Sometimes, the best way to deal with that itch to book a spontaneous adventure, is to book a spontaneous adventure. Sometimes, that sinking feelings you get in your stomach that tells you you're going to explode if you don't go home from work, book a vacation for the weekend, or use your vacation days and get away is a good feeling to pay attention to.

Our bodies are in fight or flight mode constantly. Each day we might have that "must get out" feeling a dozen times. And most of the time, we just suck it up and deal with it. But according to a modern proverb that's uttered constantly and woven into pillows and t-shirts: life is short. Sometimes you just need to live it. You need to risk the credit card bill, you need to risk the repercussions at work, you need to cancel last minute on plans and get away, for your sanity's sake. Because if you're not OK, you're a useless employee, friend, daughter, mother, whatever. You've gotta find the time to take care of yourself.

So, if you've got that itch you can't scratch with an afternoon on the rooftop and a ready-made pina colada from the grocery store, these are the places you should jet off to, based on your astrological sign.



Backpack through Asia. Geminis need a lot of mental stimulation. They like fast-paced environments that are both aesthetically pleasing and intellectually stimulating. Asia is incredibly diverse. Travel through the big cities like Hong Kong or Tokyo to meet expats from around the world and try some of the most historically revered and forward thinking foods. Then travel into the country and get some peace and quiet.


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Leos are fearless and bold. They like bright lights and lots of glitz and glam. Head to Vegas for the weekend. Go to some pool parties, see some shows, stay up for 24 hours having the time of your life, and then sleep it off on Sunday.



Virgos are seriously detail-oriented. They love facts, they love order; it gives them security. If you're a Virgo with a travel bug, head to France and spend a few days going to museums and checking out historical landmarks, and sign up for a few tours while you're at it.



Cancers are naturally helpful. They thrive when they're interacting with people and making the most efficient use of their time. Sign up for a nonprofit trip — be it building houses in the Domingo Republic, helping out at an orphanage in Kenya, or volunteering at an dog adoption fair in South Carolina, you'll feel better and more relaxed after putting your best skills to work.



Scorpios are intense. They like danger. They like excitement. Head to London, the home of almost every 007 movie. Create your own James Bond adventure by renting a sexy sports car and walking around like a spy. London is a gorgeous place to visit, and a perfect backdrop for a faux spy mission.



Libras are social, charming and gracious creatures. So are many people down south. Head somewhere quaint and historical like Savannah, Georgia or New Orleans, Louisiana. You'll make tons of friends, you won't have a dull moment and you'll feel welcome from the second you get there.



Capricorns are ambitious and love challenges. Head to Iceland, do some camping and hiking and never have a dull moment. The landscape is vast and varied and will blow your mind over and over again. The outdoors will challenge you but the beauty will make it all worthwhile.



Head to the Caribbean, Aquarius. You love the water, you love the zen vibes and peace and quiet and nature never gets old. Island hop if you get bored, but trust that your soul will always be happiest when it's in the water.



Sagittarius are ethical and philosophical beings. They like to think, they like to be mentally stimulated, and they love history. Head to Russia for a dose of all three. Hang out in libraries and see where your favorite philosophers used to live and write and think. Meet like-minded thinkers and come back feeling inspired and touched.



Pieces love tradition. They're old souls. They're creative. They're passionate. Head to Italy where you can fall in love with their culture, taste foods you've only dreamed of and feel embraced by the Italian's welcoming demeanor.


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Aries have a lot of energy and can be rather impulsive and competitive, which makes for an interesting personality type. If you can sit still long enough to get there, go to Australia. Bungee jump. Hang out with wild animals and go parasailing with new friends.



Tauruses thrive with stability. They like to know whats going on and where they're going to rest their head each night, which makes spontaneous adventures a little but difficult. If you want to get away but you don't want to feel scattered, take a cruise. You'll rest your head on the same pillow each night and get to travel the seas.

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