How Will You Watch The 'Veronica Mars' Movie?

Die-hard Veronica Mars fans have less than a month left before the grand release of the Veronica Mars movie. The film has been a somewhat niche project from the start, since it was funded by fans on Kickstarter, after Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell announced that they had decided to make a movie from the cult-worshipped CBS crime drama. Although the project started out small, it quickly shattered multiple Kickstarter records, raising over $5.7 million. And now, all of the dedicated Marshmallows will get their reward: a simultaneous release of the movie in "select theaters" and online on March 14. Veronica Mars will make movie history by being the first major movie to release in theaters and online on the same day, which once again shows the changing landscape of television and film viewing in a stream-first age.

But this dual release also leaves fans with a choice. Will they stand in lines at midnight to see the big-screen version, or will they rent or buy the film to ?watch at home? Although some fans may go to the midnight theater showing for the spectacle, we suspect that many of the 91,000 Kickstarter backers will watch the fruits of their labor from their couch. This is not to say that Marshmallows are lazy, just that they are open to change. Hopefully, this dry run of online-and-in-theaters first-run viewing will lead to more dual releases, so we can all get our nerd on at home.