Amy Schumer Has A Reason For Not Joining Snapchat

Maybe I'm the only one, but one of the main reasons that I love Snapchat so much is because of the sheer silly nature of the app. In a time when there's so much pressure to craft a perfectly witty tweet or use photo wizardry skills to edit a perfect Instagram shot of something ridiculous like brunch food, it feels like social media has changed to the opposite of what it used to be — instead of an honest look into a person's life, social media has become a competition of sorts to showcase everything through a rose-colored filter. But Snapchat is cool because it's not like that at all... at least for now. That said, with many celebrities joining Snapchat as it grows in popularity, I wondered if funny lady extraordinaire Amy Schumer has a Snapchat account.

As Schumer has risen to fame in the past few years, she has garnered a pretty impressive social media following. She's got more than 4 million followers on both Instagram and Twitter, and she's unabashedly open with her followers on topics ranging from paparazzi and body shamers to gun violence in the United States. Schumer simply isn't afraid of critics or naysayers, and her signature sense of humor makes her a social media staple.

It's clear that Schumer embraces social media in most of its forms, but does she have a Snapchat? The short answer is... no. And it may be unlikely that she'll ever join.

In June 2013, she renounced the app, telling AdWeek, "No. From the second I heard about that, I thought it must be so dangerous. Like, at night, I’ll take an Ambien, and then I’ll be like, 'I should reach out to people! They need to see a picture of this!' So I’m just not doing it."

Well, that's a bummer for sure, but all hope may not be lost just yet. In December 2014, Schumer participated in a "social media takeover" of MTV's accounts, including, yes, their Snapchat account, so she's at least familiar with it.

Plus, the interview where she said she wasn't into the idea of Snapchat happened three years ago. The app has become infinitely more popular in those three years, so it's entirely possible Schumer may have a change of heart someday. (Hey, if Kim Kardashian could...)

I, for one, hope she does have a change of heart and joins Snapchat. There's truly nothing better at the end of a bad day than watching my favorite celebrities get silly on Snapchat, and Schumer would be the perfect addition to the app. Plus, could you imagine the epic face swaps with Jennifer Lawrence she could do?