13 Self-Love Mantras To Help You Feel Amazing

by Isadora Baum, CHC

Life happens: deadlines creep up, birthday celebrations arise, and it seems as though time keeps flying by, leaving you scrounging around for as many spare seconds as you can grasp. When we feel overwhelmed, it's important to know how to bring ourselves up, and positive mantras can boost our wellbeing.

As a certified health coach, I encourage clients to focus on positive self-talk. Motivational and encouraging words can make someone feel like a superstar, out to conquer the world. Negative thoughts can really hurt one's self-esteem and ability to recover and be productive during the day, and these thoughts can also be contagious, causing those around you to also suffer. Plus, when you bring a negative vibe to any situation, it may repel others, leading to personal isolation and withdrawal. In order to be resilient when tough times hit, it's a great idea to use positive mantras to remember your worth, own it, and get back on track with a newfound and bright perspective.

If you feel that you are constantly struggling with negative self-talk and low esteem, seeking help from a professional could help. Here are thirteen, feel good mantras to give you energy and confidence during the day. Scream them, whisper them, or recite silently in your head. Whatever works best for you and your surroundings.

1. "Body, thank you for carrying me."

Tying into another mantra of hers, "My body deserves love," this notion involves sentiments that can make us more appreciate of our bodies and their wonderful abilities. These mantras, provided by registered dietician and life coach, Catherine Dyan Thomson, RDN, CHHC, LDN, RYT, over email with Bustle, really help put things in proper perspective. Our bodies are needed for movement, and we should be grateful each time we walk, run, skip and dance.

2. "I can be healthy at any size."

Appearance does not dictate health, as said in Thomson's message. While excess visceral fat can contribute to disease, which is often found in the belly region, having a few extra curves or rolls does not make you any less healthy than someone who has a slender frame. Health is all about balance: eating well (while still indulging at times), staying active, limiting stress, and engaging in happy activities, such as seeing friends or getting a massage. Stop stressing about the dress size, and work on feeling happier in your own skin.

3. "It's OK for me to trust the wisdom of my own body."

This mantra from Thomson promotes a deep connection between the body and mind. Listening to your body is so important for feeling your absolute best. If it's hungry, feed it. If it's sore, do a lighter workout or take a day off. If it's tired, take a hot bath and relax. Likewise, trust your intuition. If you feel something is right, go with your gut.

4. "You will be more productive if you try to achieve your own high expectations than others'."

Comparing yourself to others will not give you that internal motivation required to go after your goals. This mantra, by Susie Lemmer, running coach and blogger, over email correspondence with Bustle, can influence positive self-talk, as it reminds us that we are the stars in our own lives and have the power to meet our expectations and succeed. When you're feeling less motivated, use these words to bring yourself up.

5. "You are the most influential person you will talk to all day."

Own your worth, and use it to influence others. By providing positive energy, you can make others feel energized and happy, too. When you are feeling low, recite Lemmer's mantra from The Imitation Game and remember just how awesome you really are. You are powerful, bright, creative, and a type of person that can have a major effect on others. Use that power wisely.

6. "You have a 100 percent success rate at surviving your worst days. The chances are in your favor."

This quote, provided by Lemmer, is both witty and inspirational. As you are living, you can definitely survive a bad day, but more importantly, you have the ability to make it better. The day will past, and a new day will begin. There's no point in throwing away a day when you can improve your mood and find something positive among the layers of negative.

7. "You can. Beginning of story."

Instead of the "end of story," Lemmer thinks of a fresh start. Feeling that you can do anything and have the chance to embark upon a new journey and write a new story is incredibly powerful and supplies just the right amount of motivation to get you through the day. Start filling in those pages with happy memories and achievements!

8. "I. Am. Capable."

Slow, staccato is required. Lemmer's mantra is so simple, yet so moving. Being capable is something that shouldn't be taken for granted, and we, as humans, are all capable to being our best selves and reaching new heights. Love you limbs, intelligence, and resources, and start putting them into action. Move. Make. More.

9. "Control what I can influence."

This message, from Martin Kimpston, a muscle activations technique specialist, as interviewed by Bustle, instills the idea that we have the power to control things that involve us, but need not worry about things that are out of our control. If something is out of our control, it is not a result from our own actions or worth, and it should not influence our opinions of ourselves. For instance, "the weather is out of my control so it has no influence on my mood," says Kimpston. However, having a mental focus on things you can influence can help you give your best effort and feel good about the progress you make.

10. "I did not wake up today to be mediocre."

Certified health coach, Sheila Petersen, CHC, shares this quote of hers that she uses to help clients feel powerful and productive. Waking up with a sense of purpose can give you a great start, but if you find your esteem or energy wavering at later hours, using this mantra can really motivate you to finish what you sought out to achieve. Realize you are not mediocre, but rather inspirational, accomplished and invincible.

11. "Follow your fear, it's a GPS for your soul."

Who knew fear could be a good thing? Sometimes fear is our best motivator, as it pushes us to step outside of our comfort zone and and find ourselves. Another mantra by Petersen, this positive energy can really change our life's outcomes. The soul thrives off of fear, as it gains new experiences, knowledge and memorable moments that all positively influence our lives. If we can overcome fear, we can reach our goals, and that's something to be proud of.

12. "You have everything it takes to achieve your dreams."

As long as you take the first step, you can do anything. This mantra by healthy lifestyle coach, Liz Traines, proves that you can build your confidence up with just a few simple words. The idea of a "dream" is incredibly inspirational, and if you have positive thoughts and self-love, you can go from being a dreamer to a figure in your own reality.

13. "I am not my thoughts or my emotions."

This quote, by Chicago-based therapist, Chelsea Hudson, LCPC, shows that negative thoughts or emotions that pop up during the day do not define you. Her mantra is inspired by "Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, DBT and Self-Compassion therapy modalities." You are your own person, and all emotions are natural, both good and bad. Yet, if we attach ourselves to the negative ones, we feel feel insecure about ourselves. Separate yourself from these influences, and feel good about yourself.

No matter how you're feeling, always remember to love yourself and own your worth. If you have self-love, you can do anything. Feeling comfortable in your own skin, happier in your day-to-day life, and appreciative of all that your body can do, can really improve your wellbeing and motivate you to go after your life's goals.

Images: Pexels (13), Pixabay (1); Bustle