This University wants to ban his "Blurred Lines"

Turns out, the students at Boston University are not big fans of Robin Thicke. Okay, so that might be a bit overdramatic. Not every student at BU dislikes the pop singer, but a group on the University’s campus has created a petition to cancel an upcoming Thicke concert, claiming that the “Blurred Lines” lyrics are sexist.

The online Change.org petition slams Thicke, criticizing him for his misogyny and stating, “Having Thicke perform is a political statement that is out of touch with the realities of sexual violence and Boston University’s own history. Thus, we suggest that Robin Thicke’s performance be cancelled.” Ouch. Talk about an extreme blow below the belt for the singer. The petition continues by likening Thicke’s song to rape, saying, “Thicke’s hit song ‘Blurred Lines’ celebrates having sex with women against their will,” and that “It is a dishonor to our feminist history to symbolically idolize Robin Thicke by allowing him to perform his misogynist music at our university.”

The online petition, which was started by students from the college’s Members of Humanists group, has already collected over 1,600 signatures to prevent the singer from making his way to their campus. Yet with only a little over a week left with the concert set to take place on March 4 at BU’s Agganis Arena, the odds aren’t exactly in this group’s favor. A university spokesman said that the university had nothing to do with booking the show, which is merely a part of Thicke’s Blurred Lines Tour and that it probably wouldn’t be canceled because of this, according to Fox News.

Thicke’s reps have yet to respond to these complaints but we can bet that after seeing the news, this upcoming show might be a bit awkward for the singer. And if this group doesn’t get their way, who knows what will happen. I see a demonstration in the near future.