9 Hilarious Spelling Bee Tweets That Won The Night

As always, Twitter is just about the best part of watching any live event, and the 2016 Scripps National Spelling Bee was thankfully no exception. The final rounds were particularly intense, with Nihar Saireddy Janga and Jairam Jagadeesh Hathwar taking the title together as co-winners. Both were in good spirits about the win, and Twitter quickly erupted about the Spelling Bee, cheering the contestants on in the way only Twitter can.

You might be surprised to learn that former Spelling Bee champions run the official National Scripps Spelling Bee Twitter account.That's right: Former winners send the Bee's tweets, which became an integral part of this year's contest. Even though the former champions are not competing in the Twitterverse, they do take pride in being the official, go-to source for everything related to the Bee. And they're pretty great at sending out Bee-related tweets faster than any other organization.

Unfortunately, social media took a turn for the worse when users made racist comments about the Bee's contestants. However, many of the tweets managed to capture the high pressure of the evening, while also taking time to laugh about the whole thing — the nation was being captivated by a spelling bee, after all.

Here is how Twitter became the third champion of the Scripps Spelling Bee:

Granted, he deserved that reaction.

The hug is what counts, right?

Almost as good as President Obama's mic drop.

That disapproving head shake says it all.

I'm sure that would have been me... if I'd actually managed to get one right.

Hmm, maybe they should have picked up a dictionary first.

Make America Spell Great Again is a much better slogan, anyway.

My reaction every single time.

Pretty sure these kids could actually outsmart the dictionary.

So while all of the kids were extremely impressive, I do have to hand it to the people of Twitter — they manage to encompass the meaning of "gesellschaft" into 140 characters.