Sanders Slams Clinton's "Arrogance"

When appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday night, Bernie Sanders let out his frustrations over his Democratic opponent acting like the primary race is over. After watching a clip of a Hillary Clinton interview in which the former secretary of state claimed she has already secured the Democratic nomination, Sanders called Clinton out for her "arrogance." The Vermont senator was obviously upset that Clinton disregarded his candidacy for president and insinuated he had already lost when he's very much still in the race.

Kimmel showed Sanders a CNN interview between Chris Cuomo and Clinton, during which she said, "I will be the nominee for my party, Chris. That is already done in effect. There is no way that I won't be." After some loud grumbles, Sanders responded: "Just a tinch arrogance there I think."

He went on to explain that his primary victories in many states prove that the battle isn't over yet. "Unfortunately, the people of Indiana a couple weeks ago, the people of West Virginia, the people of Oregon — who gave us a pretty good victory — don't quite agree with Secretary Clinton's assessment," he told Kimmel Thursday. "And I kind of think that on June 7, the people of California will have a message for Secretary Clinton. Don't count your chickens."

Sanders maintains that he won't drop out until a clear winner is named at the Democratic National Convention this summer, although he's trailing Clinton's delegate count. He explained his delegate situation to Kimmel, saying he's slightly behind his opponent in terms of pledged delegates, which he calls the "real delegates," meaning he needs to win big in California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, and South Dakota June 7. "In terms of superdelegates we are way, way behind," Sanders said, pointing out that hundreds of superdelegates pledged their support for Clinton before the race even began. "I just think that's patently absurd and undemocratic and kind of dumb," he said.

The presidential hopeful also brought up the most recent national NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll that showed him beating Donald Trump by 15 points in a general election, while Clinton only outperformed the presumptive GOP nominee by three points. "If the Democrats want the candidate who is most likely to defeat Trump, and beat him badly, I think you're looking at the guy," Sanders told Kimmel.

Because of that poll and others that suggest he could beat Trump by a wider margin, Sanders thinks Clinton should check her arrogant attitude. It's not over until the party officially names a nominee.

Images: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube