These Are the 12 Most Sexually Satisfied Countries In the World – And You Might Be Surprised

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Think you’re having great sex? Think again, because the numbers are in for the most sexually satisfied countries in the world — and the U.S. didn’t even rank. Ouch. Could it be because some of our denizens only spend a minute and 21 seconds doing the deed? We're looking at you, Alaskans.

AlterNet recently took it upon themselves to sort through all of the studies and data out there — including how socio-economic status affects sexual satisfaction, what the driving forces behind it are, and so on — to come up with a list of the countries that consistently rank among the most sexually satisfied. Given that people in other countries are having about 70 times more sex than we are, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that the U.S. didn’t make its way onto the list. Join us as we count down to the number one most sexually satisfied country in the world. You might be surprised.

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