These Are the 12 Most Sexually Satisfied Countries In the World – And You Might Be Surprised

Think you’re having great sex? Think again, because the numbers are in for the most sexually satisfied countries in the world — and the U.S. didn’t even rank. Ouch. Could it be because some of our denizens only spend a minute and 21 seconds doing the deed? We're looking at you, Alaskans.

AlterNet recently took it upon themselves to sort through all of the studies and data out there — including how socio-economic status affects sexual satisfaction, what the driving forces behind it are, and so on — to come up with a list of the countries that consistently rank among the most sexually satisfied. Given that people in other countries are having about 70 times more sex than we are, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that the U.S. didn’t make its way onto the list. Join us as we count down to the number one most sexually satisfied country in the world. You might be surprised.

12. China

Surprised? Not surprised? Even though the People’s Republic of China is known for being conservative, apparently its citizens let down their hair when no one else is watching: China’s population has sex more times weekly than most other countries. And it’s high tech sex, too — in the past ten years, sex shop and online purchases in China have gone way, WAY up.

11. Germany

Safer sex prevails in Germany — it boasts some of the world’s best sex education programs, it has a super progressive stance towards sex work, and it has one-sixth the HIV rate of the U.S. But don’t think safer sex means blander sex! 30 percent of Germans say they’ve had sex in a public place. Risqué!

10. Nigeria

Nigeria may be known for its conservative views on same-sex marriage, but according to Durex it’s rated the number one sexually satisfied nation in the world. AlterNet seems a little less convinced — hence it landing the number 10 spot on this list — but Nigerians apparently last the longest, clocking in at an average of 24 minutes for intercourse. TWENTY FOUR MINUTES!

9. Australia

If you’re into having sex in cars, consider taking a trip to Australia — 75 percent of Australians have admitted to having sex in a vehicle. Furthermore, Australian men have an average number of 25 sexual partners, compared to 13 for American men; Australian women, on the other hand, have 10 for American women’s nine.

8. India

61 percent of Indians consider themselves quite satisfied indeed. According to Men’s Health, this might have something to do with the idea of prolonging sexual pleasure, with “the journey being more important than the destination.” Can you say foreplay?

7. Mexico

Apparently Mexico ranks as one of the “horniest countries in the world.” Who knew? Sex work has also been decriminalized and regulated in half of Mexico’s states, which is definitely a step in the right direction. Unfortunately human trafficking is still a major problem, though — here’s hoping it gets solved quickly.

6. The Netherlands

Hoppin’ red light districts, a whole lot of nude beaches, and extremely open sex education policies all contribute to making the Netherlands one of the most pro-sex countries in the world. 64 percent of Dutch men and women are also wonderfully confident at asserting their sexual needs and wants.

5. Greece

51 percent of Greeks say that they’re sexually satisfied — and according to Durex, they sex the most times per week of any country in the world (for the curious, 164 times a year). Like the Dutch, they’re also terrifically open about discussing their desires.

4. Brazil

Things I learned today include the fact that Brazil has an annual “Miss Bum” competition geared towards finding the most bootilicious posterior in the country. For reals. Also, one report claims that Brazilians have sex on average 145 times a year – or three times a week. Healthy, indeed!

3. Italy

Good wine; good food; good sex. In Italy, seduction begins at the table, with food and sex being inextricably linked. Maybe that’s why Italians are considered some of the world’s best lovers

2. Spain

Spain boasts a whole bunch of nude beaches, a high social acceptance of gay marriage, and a whopping 90 percent sexually satisfied population. How do you beat that?

1. Switzerland

…By being Switzerland, that’s how. With progressive views on sex work, licensed brothels, a liberal stance on porn, sex ed beginning as early as Kindergarten, and — on top of all that — one of the lowest teen birth rates in the world, Switzerland is both hot and safe. There’s no better combination than that.