Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2014: A Medieval Princess Fairytale

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Whatever personal foibles Dolce & Gabbana may have, their designs always give us what we secretly crave from fashion: not a new take on the skinny jean, not flattering everyday wear, but unabashed beauty. Their collections are more of a dream than a fashion show; highly fantastical, deeply narrative, and ridiculously pretty. For Spring 2014, we saw their gilded re-imagining of Sicily; in Fall 2013, it was all Byzantine religion. And this Sunday, they gave us a fairytale.

Fall 2014's Dolce & Gabbana women were lost in the woods, fighting off dragons, and dressed to the hilt for the ball. Every look seemed to have a bigger story behind it, and editorial vs. commercial be damned — we want to hear how it ends.

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