'The Hills' Filming Locations Then & Now

Before I moved to Los Angeles I was California dreamin' while watching The Hills in the dead of winter in New York City. The MTV reality series offered up warm visuals of the West Coast, along with an extra helping drama with a capital-D. Now that I live in the City of Angeles, I thought I'd check out The Hills filming locations then and now in Los Angeles in honor of the series' 10th anniversary. Can you believe it's been a decade since Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag first charmed their way into our lives? I certainly can't.

Conrad first starred in the MTV docu-series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County from 2004 until 2006. The Hills — a spinoff premiering in 2006 — focused on Conrad's new adventures as she moved to Los Angeles, where she attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, interned for Teen Vogue, and made new friends. That is, until Heidi began dating a guy named Spencer Pratt and sparks flew. The drama multiplied like you wouldn't believe and served as the rest of the series' focus and gained lots of media attention for the feud, until Conrad exited the show.

Luckily, my life in LA has not been as dramatic, but here's a look down The Hills memory lane. Check out the filming locations then and now.

Then: Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM)

Where Lauren and Heidi initially study fashion and PR upon their arrival in Los Angeles. The school is located in Downtown LA.

Now: Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM)

Doesn't look like too much has changed at FIDM.

Then: Hillside Villas

I'm going to be picky here: This is not the name of the apartment complex Lauren and Heidi lived in and it's definitely not in West Hollywood. According to The Daily Mail, they actually lived in the Villas at Park La Brea, which is located in neighborhood known as Mid-Wilshire, according to me. I'm not sure why the show wanted to designate it as West Hollywood — maybe that sounded cooler?

Now: The Villas At Park La Brea

The real villas look like they had some painting and remodeling in the past decade.

Then: Geisha House

You know, that super trendy sushi place the whole hang hung out at on Hollywood Boulevard.

Now: Escape Hotel

This isn't another nightclub, but a trendy escape room paradise for the puzzler in you to conquer.

Then: Pinkberry On Melrose Ave

The place where Lo famously told Lauren to "eat her Pinkberry and enjoy life!" and where Audrina and Spencer went on a date.

Now: Lucifer's Pizza

Sadly, no one is eating Pinkberry anymore on this stretch of Melrose and La Brea Avenues. The Pinkberry has been replaced with Lucifer's Pizza. At leat M Cafe is still there.

Then: Les Deux Nightclub

The frequented hot spot by The Hills gang right off Hollywood Boulevard. It's also where Lauren and Heidi had their infamous "You know what you did!" blowout.

Now: Unknown

For awhile, Sadie Kitchen and Lounge occupied this space, but it has since closed. When I was there, there weren't any signs of life.

Then: Runyon Canyon

Known as the "Beautiful People Hike," Runyon Canyon Park is where you hike to people watch and see great vista of LA, so it's no wonder The Hills filmed here. Whitney and personal trainer Jarrett went on a hike here and he formally asked her out on a date with this gorgeous, smog-filled backdrop.

Now: Runyon Canyon (Closed Until July)

To the sadness of many Angelenos, Runyon Canyon is closed until July, which is right in the middle of prime LA hiking season for famous and regular people alike.

Then: Area Nightclub

Heidi worked the opening for this upscale LA hot spot in West Hollywood.

Now: Greystone Manor

Area closed and Greystone Manor took its place as an exclusive club, but Greystone closed for renovations earlier this year.

Then: Ketchup

This trendy red-themed upstairs lounge was located on the Sunset Strip in Sunset Plaza in actual West Hollywood. It's where Lauren and Jason ran into Spencer and Heidi — and it was not good.

Now: Jewelry, Verizon Store, & Equinox

It's looks like what was once Ketchup is now a combination of a jewelry store, an Equinox, and a Verizon store.

Then: Monique Lhuillier

Heidi found her dream wedding dress at this famous designer's store.

Now: Monique Lhuillier

It doesn't look like too much has changed at the store, other than the building coloring (lighting?) and the window displays.

Then: People's Revolution

The site and long-time home of PR maven Kelly Cutrone's company, where Lauren, Whitney, and Spencer's sister Stephanie worked.

Now: Unknown

When I went there, People's Revolution was no longer. In 2014, Cutrone told Racked that People's Revolution was leaving the space on Melrose Avenue and wanted to relocated the company to a house with a pool.

Then: Don Antonio's

The setting of many of Spencer and Heidi's dates. Spencer came to this West LA Mexican restaurant so often that he has a menu item named after him.

Now: Don Antonio's

Don Antonio's still looks the same. I once hosted a dinner party here, and it's old-school, never-changing flair is all part of its charm.

Images: MTV; MTV (screengrabs) (11); Mallory Carra/Bustle (11)