Who Is The Night's King On 'Game Of Thrones'?

Well, we finally got to hear what happened to Benjen Stark on Game Of Thrones. Apparently Benjen had a seriously unfortunate run-in with a gang of wights while he was deep in the North. He was left for dead after being stabbed by one, but the children of the forest saved him with the same method they used to create the white walkers in the first place. The whole scenario brings fans a better idea of exactly how the whole white walker situation works but it also has left me insanely curious. There is still one very looming question still hanging over us. Who is the Night's King if Benjen isn't?

We were given a quick glimpse of who the Night's King was before his gig began as the leader of the angry group of ice pop people known as the White Walkers. In last week's episode, we saw Leaf plunge a shard of Dragonglass into a pretty terrified man's chest and boom, the Night's King was created. But who is he? Well, there had to be a reason for the children of the forest to choose that particular dude to fight for them. There are many theories (mostly taken from the books) floating around about who exactly this guy could be but since we are departing from the books this season, it really could be anyone.

And, although the children of the forest did the same thing to Benjen as the did to the Night's King, Benjen can officially be crossed off the list of plausible candidates since he was stabbed much later on. This leaves us with about a million more possibilities. The Night's King can truly be from any number of houses and the only thing we really can assume is that he had to have been a prolific fighter to be chosen for this life. Hopefully the showrunners won't keep us waiting too long to finally find out who the man behind the "come at me, bro" stance from "Hardhome" is.

Images: HBO