Seth & Evan Are Making a Movie About Nintendo

Calling all gamers — your new favorite movie is going to be written and directed by Hollywood's resident nerd, Seth Rogen. In a new press release, it was announced that Sony Pictures and Scott Rudin, producer of The Social Network, are in the process of adapting the new book, Console Wars , into a feature film to be written and directed by actors Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

The book Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battles that Defined a Generation, written by Blake J. Harris, tells the story of the business battle between the once small gaming company, Sega, against the gaming giant, Nintendo.

This film marks the second directing project for Rogen and Goldberg, who previously directed This Is The End in 2013. While this is only the second directorial credit for the duo, we are confident in not only Rogen's keen industry-savvy eye, but also in his familiarity with all things nerdy. Let's face it — this project requires a director who has spent several hours — or days — in a chair with a game controller in his or her hand. Here are four reasons why Rogen is the perfect guy for the job.

1. He's an avid gamer

Rogen is no stranger to playing video games. When asked by USA Today's Game Hunters when he started playing video games, the actor admitted:

As early as I can remember, probably four or five. We had an Atari and a Commodore. We had the little controllers with the paddles. We had Pong.

2. He frequently plays the nerd

Between his roles in The Guilt Trip and Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Rogen has proven he knows a thing or two about being the nerdy guy. Now that he has lived the lifestyle, he can make a film that is relatable to all nerds watching.

3. He loves comics

Video games often feature infamous comic book characters, so the director of this film will have to know his way around the comic book realm of characters. Fortunately for Rogen, he shares a true appreciation of comic book characters and is even set to write and produce an adaptation of Preacher for AMC alongside producing pal, Goldberg.

4. He's voiced a video game character

Rogen, who voiced a cartoon character in Monsters vs Aliens, lent his voice to the same character in the video game version produced by Activision.