Do This To Get Sand Out Of Your Bathing Suit

by Sienna Fantozzi

I'm a beach girl through and through, but getting sand in places that it should not be is literally the bane of my existence. Like in your bathing suit, for example. Washing it doesn't always cut it, so how do you get sand out of your swimsuit? It's actually super easy, and doesn't even involve washing it at all. Score!

Beach season is officially here, so in addition to learning the proper way to wash your swimsuits, you want to be armed and prepared to deal with all those frustrating sand situations, like when it gets stuck inside your suit and you literally cannot deal anymore. Ugh. You might be inclined to toss it in the washer (or, you know, the garbage), but don't. Washing your suits can seriously damage the fabric and fade the color (or ruin the other colors you wash the suits with), and as it turns out, you don't even need to wash your suit to get the sand out. There's a few super easy hacks to get rid of pesky sand and help you totally survive beach season. This is going to be the year you one-up the sand.

Rinse Your Bathing Suit In Cold Water

No soap, no detergent, just rinse it in cold water for about ten minutes.

Let It Dry

Place your swimsuit on a towel and let it dry completely — just make sure you avoid the direct sunlight.

Shake The Sand Off

Once the suit is dry, shake it vigorously to make sure all the sand comes off, or use a dry towel to help get it off.

Turn To A Blow Dryer

David Becker/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If the above doesn't work, grab your blow dryer and blow the sand out on a cool setting.

Images: Pexels