Alessandra Ambrosia Launches New Clothing Line

If you like lounging on the beach, wearing minimal clothing, and/or pretending you are a bohemian goddess, then we have good news. Alessandra Ambrosio is officially launching a clothing line, called alé by Alessandra, and it's fit for the stylish hippie princess in all of us. With airy cover-ups, wide-brimmed hats, and breezy fabrics, it's no wonder that Fashionista compared the new line to Free People.

The Victoria Secret model's new line will be sold exclusively at the SoCal boutique Planet Blue, known for its selection of bohemian clothing.

"I cannot think of a better place to launch the apparel for my brand," Ambrosio said. "I have been a fan of Planet Blue since I moved to California, and the brand's authentic bohemian beach vibe is the perfect backdrop for my very first collection."

The campaign for alé by Alessandra features Ambrosio herself wearing the clothes (why start your own clothing line if you can't model it, too?), accented with turquoise accessories and a tousled, beachy hairstyle. The photos have a definite SoCol vibe, with every photo featuring a natural and sun-soaked Ambrosio.

As hard it is may be right now to imagine a time of year when it is plausible to wear a crocheted poncho around comfortably, spring is right around the corner, and Ambrosio's new line is going to make you wish for it to arrive even sooner. But model/celebrity designed collections come with a steeper than usual price tag, and alé by Alessandra is no different. We're talking $128 for a patterned bustier.

Despite the Free People-esque prices, Ambrosia's new line is making us all imagine days spent at the beach, sunbathing, feeling carefree, and looking much cooler than everyone around us, which is never a bad thing.

Image: alé by Alessandra