9 Signs You're Having Great Sex

When it comes to sex, the overarching premise is pretty straightforward. After all, humans have had the same anatomy for over 100,000 years, so you’d think that the question, “Is it possible to have better sex?” is a pretty moot point by now. In actuality, though — and I apologize if I sound like anyone’s 8th grade health teacher here — sex is a very involved process, which can make sifting through tips for better sex a bit overwhelming.

The ability to make sex better for all partners is influenced by everything from hormonal secretions in the brain and your current mood, to previous encounters and your own personal sexual preferences. Yeah. Thankfully, however, because sex is such an intricate thing, there’s loads of room for improvement — even if you’re currently having the best sex of your life, but you still feel like kicking it up a notch.

It really all comes down to breaking free of your comfort zone in the bedroom, learning to communicate about what does and doesn’t feel good, and getting comfortable with your own body, both from a mental and physical standpoint. Not sure where to start? Check out these quick and easy ways to know when you're making the most of your time in the bedroom, no matter who you are or what you're into.

1. You Never Underestimate Comfort

Viamax Organic Glide, $22, Amazon

It’s estimated that up to 40 percent of women in the United States experience inadequate natural lubrication during sex, which can lead to painful intercourse and tearing of the vaginal wall. This Viamax organic glide is made from entirely natural ingredients like shea butter and cocoa butter, and it has none of the harmful and potentially irritating petroleum, parabens, preservatives, and chemicals you might find in other options. It’s safe for both toys and condoms, and it’s being called “Best Lube Out There!” and “Amazing for both of us!!” by obviously excited reviewers.

2. You're Willing to Try New Angles

Multi-Functional Magic Sex Cushion, $30, Amazon

Imagine a magical land where missionary becomes the best position in the world because you’re hitting all the right spots with minimal effort. (Psst: This magical land could just be your bedroom.) The multi-functional magic sex cushion is a pillow that’s made from high-quality furniture grade foam that can support loads of weight and movement, but because you can deflate it, this pillow offers the discreet storage that other sex wedges don’t. It’s also entirely waterproof, so you can wash it directly, and it comes with a vibrator insert for solo fun, as well as a special design that effortlessly fits in with the rest of the set.

3. You're Open to Toys, Inside The Bedroom And Out

Oomph! Vibrator, $8, Amazon

Toys can be an awesome way to spice things up for couples, but many people only use them only for solo stuff. This Oomph! vibrator is powerful and long-lasting, battery operated, and entirely waterproof, which makes for a great way to stimulate anyone in the bedroom, no matter the gender. It’s also sleek, lightweight, pocket-sized, and discreet (if you’re feeling a little daring and want to take things elsewhere). It’s super easy to clean and comes in two different colors, and all of these qualities combined create a great vibrator that people are thrilled about.

4. You Know You Can Make Foreplay An Activity All Its Own

Sensual Massage Oil, $13, Amazon

More often than not, foreplay is central to great sex, as it ensures that sex is the comfortable, stress-relieving, and satisfying experience that it should be. However, loads of couples fly right past it, and if you set aside a specific activity that doubles as foreplay, you’ll be much more likely to actually do it. This sensual massage oil is a number one best seller because it’s entirely natural and made from skin-healing ingredients like jojoba and almond oil with a relaxing hint of lavender. It’s also non-staining, sinks into the skin at the perfect rate, and enhances your sensual massage without any harmful ingredients. Reviewers say it smells incredible, too.

5. You Don’t Let Monotony Get In The Way Of Great Sex

Grand Central Gift Baskets Sensations Game, $34, Amazon

Monotony kills the sex drive like nothing else, but when you’re in the heat of the moment, it can be sort of difficult to brainstorm new and innovative ideas. This sensations game captivates all your senses in the form of a fun and innovative board game that really switches things up. It comes with challenge cards, favor cards, a blindfold, and a vibrator to keep you laughing, playing, and touching (as well as a guidebook to help you get into the flow of the game), and is a great way to both explore a new partner or spice things up with an old one.

6. You Keep Compassion Alive — And Not Just The Sexual Kind

Couple's Kindle Cards, $20, Amazon

Oftentimes for women, sexual arousal has loads to do with what happens outside the bedroom, as it’s directly linked to feeling appreciated, safe, and relaxed. These couple's Kindle Cards are directly based on suggestions from experts about how to rejuvenate your relationship in little ways throughout the day. They help to instill or renew feelings of emotional and physical intimacy for recent and long-term relationships alike, and because each task is simple and flexible, these cards might just make all the difference when it comes to the seemingly non-sexual foreplay that could be going on whenever you’re with your partner.

7. You've Learned Your Body, So You Can Communicate What You Want

Women's Anatomy of Arousal, $18, Amazon

Communication in the bedroom is paramount, but if you don’t know what you like, you can’t do much in the way of asking for it. This empowering and innovative book, Women's Anatomy of Arousal , discusses the hardly-talked-about structure of networks in the female body that turns a mediocre orgasm into something incredible. Sheri Winston (one of the country’s leading teachers about sex and sexuality) combines ancient wisdom and modern research to create a great manual that’s not only vastly informative, but tons of fun to read — and practice.

8. You're Not Afraid to Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

MSsmart Sex Swing, $19, Amazon

If you’re looking to switch things up in the bedroom, an exciting toy like this MSsmart sex swing might be just what the doctor ordered. This multi-purpose design turns any door into a love swing within just a few seconds, and because it’s extra durable, comfortable to use, can hold up to 300 pounds, is easily adjustable, and has harnesses for both your hands and legs, this swing allows for different positions, fewer hindrances as far as angles, and a great opportunity to try something that most couples haven’t.

9. You've Learned How To Communicate Through Sexting

Sexting: The Grownup's Little Book of Sex Tips for Getting Dirty Digitally, $11, Amazon

Sexting isn’t just an awesome way to make foreplay an anytime/anywhere type of activity — it’s also a great way to practice your communicative skills surrounding sex. This sassy little handbook, Sexting: The Grownup's Little Book of Sex Tips for Getting Dirty Digitally , is written by author and sex expert Tina Horn, and offers a guilt-free and blunt guide to all things dirty in the digital age. It covers everything from suggestions to erotic etiquette, and explains all the whats, hows, and whens associated with sexting through all communication platforms. Not only is it a fun and enthralling book when it comes to your digital flirting, but it’s a definite way to hone your sexual linguistic skills, so you can get more comfortable talking about the things that turn you on.

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