This Fancy Machine Brews Weed Out Of Pods

Stoners rejoice: if you are searching for a simplest, easiest way to get high, a new product primed to enter the marketplace this winter may prove to be a game changer. Boston-based tech start-up CannaKorp's invention, the CannaCloud, brews weed out of pods in a mere 60 seconds, streamlining the vaping process with the press of a button. Available for sale in Boulder, Colorado by the end of 2016, this new minimalist tabletop vape has the look of a fancy blender but it gets you high.

There is no icky hose, no need to worrying about heating the pot at a specified temperature, and don't need to even think about packing the weed. Simply choose from one of the pre-packaged pods of quality-assured cannabis ("sativa, indica, hybrid, and CBD-only strains"), pop it into the device, press the large CannaCloud button, and sit back as the micro processor controls the temperature, time, speed, and air pressure! In a minute you are ready to inhale and the vapor is good for a whole 15 seconds — no need to rush this experience!

There are many benefits to vaping: it takes effect quickly, it’s easier on the lungs than smoking, and it is far more discreet than other pot-ingesting methods. The fast relief provided and relatively short highs makes vaping attractive to many medical marijuana patients. One such patient was engineer Michael Bourque, who designed the CannaCloud with Dave Manly (previously a senior executive at Keurig Green Mountain Inc.) and technology exec James Winokur to improve and simplify cannabis prep the same way coffee-pods streamlined the morning cup of joe, reports Forbes .

Now you can get your THC with the same ease that you get that jolt of caffeine. Plus, if you use this tool to wake and bake it is machine washable.

The CannaCloud will retail for $149.95, and the single-use pods (called CannaCups) will be sold separately. The company is also developing the Cannamatic, which will pack ground weed into a pod for those that wish to make their own blends at home. The CannaCloud looks like it belongs in a suburban professional's home, not a college kid's messy dorm room — and it is advertised that way as well.

The company's latest video demonstration shows a middle-aged woman relaxing in the breakfast nook of her suburban home. She is swathed in shades of beige and tan, wearing a comfy sweater that says "I spend my spare time collecting seashells and gluing them onto picture frames." On the shiny white table next to her air plant and decorative candle holder sits the CannaCloud.

The woman's long brown hair sways as she pushes the button, and looks out the window pleasantly. While the CannaCloud brews her pot vapor, she continues to look around her decidedly upper-middle class home with satisfaction (cause in this world there are no magazines, potato chips, or cell phones?). She calmly removes the canister from the base and delicately inhales, as if sipping a green juice out of a smoothy bottle. The music throughout makes you feel like you are watching a commercial for some sort of fibromyalgia medicine (you kinda are since pot may actually help with that chronic pain).

Thanks to the CannaCloud will we be living in a brave new world where soccer moms are sipping out of their vape bottles? Come this winter, we shall see.

Images: Geektime/YouTube, CannaKorp