8 Toxic Nighttime Habits That Ruin Your Morning

Two things that I cannot go without: routines and sleep. In fact, without them, I start to lose my mind a little bit, so when I found out that waking up happier and more energized could simply come down to my toxic before-bed routine, I admit: I panicked a little bit. How does anyone on the face of this earth unwind without an episode of Gilmore Girls, a nightly Pinterest binge, and the occasional glass of white wine? Well, if you want to wake up feeling more positive, you likely won't do those things.

However, the more I learned about holistic health and clean living, the more I felt that modern-day society is not at all conducive to great sleeping patterns or waking up happily. These days, it seems that everyone's big on stress and overworking, loves sugar and other hormone-altering foods, falls asleep to television programs, thrives in cities with loads of unnatural noise, and spends all of their time looking at bright screens.

All of these things add up to create a nation of over 60 million people who have trouble sleeping on a nightly basis, but if you’re one of them, don’t worry. There are ways to hack your sleep schedule with entirely natural before-bed habits, so you can wake up rested and happy every single morning.

Instead of Winding Down With LCD Screens, Switch To A Device Without A Backlight

Refurbished Kindle E-Reader, $56, Amazon

You’ve definitely heard that bright lights from your devices right before bed disturb your circadian rhythm by inhibiting melatonin release. One study in particular suggests younger people are especially sensitive to any kind of light source after dark, and therefore more likely to suffer from poor sleep quality. A Kindle, like this refurbished Kindle E-Reader, is a great before-bed option, as it relaxes you the same way a book might without any of the body-confusing blue light of a cell phone or laptop. The touch screen reads like real paper without any glare, and the storage holds thousands of books for your own portable library. It’s also exceptionally light, and the battery can last weeks on only one charge. Because it’s refurbished, it comes at a fraction of the price, but it’s been tested and certified to work like new. If you’re someone who unwinds by surfing the web on your cell before bed, your adrenals will definitely thank you for the switch.

Stop Drinking Caffeine 12 Hours Before Bed; Bedtime Tea Could Lead To A More Restful Sleep & Morning

Be Sleepy Relaxing Bedtime Tea, $17, Amazon

Caffeine has been referred to as “the most popular drug in the world,” but what most people don’t realize is that after consuming one cup of coffee, only half of the caffeine will be eliminated from the body by the six-hour mark. A good habit to get into: any time after seven PM, reach for a cup of caffeine-free tea instead. This Be Sleepy relaxing bedtime tea is a wonderful option because it contains fresh, organic ingredients like chamomile, lavender, kava, and passionflower, all of which work to relax your brain, calm your nervous system, and help you fall into a deep and restful sleep. Reviewers say that the taste is great, but the way their whole body sinks into blissful sleepiness is even better.

Don't Go To Sleep Low in Magnesium; Instead, Achieve Relaxation Before Bed With Topical Treatment

Natural Dead Sea Minerals Magnesium Oil, $20, Amazon

When it comes to mineral deficiencies, a lack of magnesium in the body has been linked to insomnia and other sleep-related disorders. This Dead Sea Minerals magnesium oil contains nothing but naturally-sourced mineral-rich salts that contain loads of magnesium, and simply applying this oil topically and letting it soak in will help you with everything from muscle aches to achieving extreme relaxation right before bed. Best of all, it comes in a spray bottle for easy application, leaves a healthy silky feeling on your skin, and it absolutely works. Reviewers say they’ve been sleeping better than they have in months, and with very minimal effort.

Don't Stress Out; Reduce Anxiety With A Before-Bed Meditation Practice

Sit Like a Buddha: A Pocket Guide to Meditation , $9, Amazon

Stress affects your sleeping patterns like nothing else, and that’s because cortisol (the hormone you release when you’re feeling particularly tense) causes inflammation, imbalance, and the inability to reach parasympathetic mode. This pocket guide to meditation is widely considered one of the best meditation guides for 20 to 30-somethings, which might just mean a more restful sleep and happier morning. Best-selling author Lodro Rinzler helps you learn how to make room in your life for the helpful practice, as well as fully explains how your body benefits from meditation. Reviewers are saying it's a great, straightforward resource for if you're just getting into the practice, and one said, it's "sound advice on how to start and maintain a meditation practice."

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Don't Accept An Off-Kilter Circadian Rhythm — Hack Your Morning Mood By Mimicking Natural Light

Nature Bright Sun Bliss Wake-Up Light, $53, Amazon

We’ve talked a lot about circadian rhythms, but did you know it’s actually possible to hack yours, so that your melatonin levels are working for you instead of against you? This natural wake-up light serves as an alarm clock, but instead of waking you up with an irritating sound, it uses a gradual sun-mimicking light to naturally pull you out of your sleep in the morning, which makes it especially great for night-workers or anyone else on an altered schedule. It has an advanced LED diffusion lens to protect your eyes, as well as a universal adaptor for travel, but this one isn’t just a morning hack — it doubles as a light therapy lamp, too, which helps brain chemical-related issues that arise from a lack of natural light, like seasonal depression and insomnia. One punny reviewer states, “In terms of its effect on my mood and energy levels, it's, uh, night and day.”

Instead of Sticking To Ineffective Bedtime Routines, Calm Down With Aromatherapy

Urpower Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser , $30, Amazon ; Essential Oil Blends for Aromatherapy, $20, Amazon

If you're finding it tough to relax once you've kicked your usual pre-bedtime screen scrolling, fill your bedroom with soothing scents meant to induce sleepiness and a sense of relaxation. This aromatherapeutic essential oil diffuser doubles as an air purifier, and it boasts ten hours of continuous mist, while seven soothing LED color changes will give you room a relaxing glow. The gadget has an auto shut-off feature, too, so you won't have to worry about forgetting to power it down, and one user said, "These are low maintenance, easy to use and require very little care." Select from one of six different stress-relieving scents before bed.

Sick Of Waking Up In A Sweat? Switch to Lightweight Bamboo Pajamas

Nature's Brezee Bamboo Pajamas (Sizes XS- XL), $50, Amazon

According to a study by the Sleep Research Society and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, drastically increasing your core body temperature before bed inhibits your ability to get to sleep, as well as your ability to stay there. These bamboo pajamas are being called “the most comfortable pajamas you’ll ever find” by reviewers because instead of clinging cotton, they’re made from 70 percent bamboo, which is lightweight, breathable, and likely way softer than your usual nighttime apparel. These ones are also machine-washable, and they come in five different colors as well as sizes. It's no wonder the no-wrinkle, comfortable pajamas have a five-star rating.

Stop Tossing And Turning — Block Out All Distractions

3D Sleep Mask, $15, Amazon

You might think that “almost dark” is good enough, until everything from your digital alarm clock to the glow from street lamps is distracting you. This 3D sleep mask comes with a set of everything you need to block out any and all disturbances during the night. Included are two super slim, opaque, adjustable, lightweight, and form-fitting masks that are so comfortable, you won’t even realize you’re wearing them, as well as two high-quality ear plugs and a silk travel bag for easy storage. One reviewer — a night-shift nurse — said, “These things are such a godsend (and yes, that is a true statement!)”

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