Use These Hacks To Channel Creativity Into Success

by Isadora Baum, CHC

The greatest way to find personal success is to allow our creativity to shine through and all ideas to come to life. Having a vast imagination and honing our artistic skills and passions can really enhance our ability to brainstorm creatively and come to novel realizations. By letting our minds and bodies run free, we allow creativity energy to flow and make us more fulfilled.

As a certified health coach, I work with people on fostering their creativity, trusting their intuition, and making time for artistic, fulfilling activities that can allow them to break outside the box and get ready to start embracing and appreciating life. It's hard to find personal success when we are stuck inside our own heads and rules, as a constrictive way of thinking, doing and living can hinder our "flow" and hold us back from discovering our true passions, desires and happiness. However, thinking differently and in new, exciting ways can be just what we need to feel successful and wise. The greatest thinkers, doers, painters, singers, and entrepreneurs have all used creativity to get to where they are, and it is that spark of imagination that is so admirable. Use these eleven hacks to channel your creativity into success.

1. Pay Attention To Little Thoughts

We have a tendency to try and shut our minds up, thinking that our little thoughts are trivial and burdensome, as we have so many other larger matters (work, family, money, etc.) to worry about. However, using the little thoughts as a means to be more productive and creative will actually enhance our ability to take care of those larger predicaments! "Some of us discount the little voices in our heads," says running coach and trainer Susie Lemmer, in an interview with Bustle. Instead of shutting them out, "use them as a jumping off point, even if they seem to have no relevance," she says.

2. Be Positive

Life can be challenging, but "staying happy and optimistic can lead to success long-term," says founder of digital marketing agency, 97 Switch, and web designer, Jeremy Greenberg, in an email interview with Bustle. "The more optimistic I can be, the more likely that I can come up with solutions that work. Sometimes people look at the downsides or risks, but if you focus on the upsides, you start to see the areas where you can succeed," Greenberg says.

3. Go Around Problems & Embrace Craziness

If your safer solutions have failed or are proving to be stagnant, shake things up with a few creative twists that might seem crazy, unrealistic or silly. Even if you don't choose to give one idea a shot, it'll open the doors for more creative solutions to take your projects to the next level. "Most new attempts often do not work, but when I get creative thinking about the next opportunity, I can immediately rewire my brain into success mode," says Greenberg. Also, acknowledge the failed issue and work around it. "One of the best places for creativity is in going 'around' problems," says trainer and owner of South Loop Strength & Conditioning, Todd Nief, over email with Bustle. Nief suggests asking yourself, "Are there ways that we can work around that problem?" and going from there.

4. Embrace Your Inner Child

Reverting back to childhood isn't necessarily a good idea when it comes to adult relationships and work deadlines, but that mindset and ability to "play" may actually open creativity channels and the imagination to promote personal success. Doodle for a few moments, hoola hoop, or read a childhood book. In fact, doodling can boost cognitive thinking and productivity at work.

5. Lay Out On A Grassy Area

Experts show that connecting to nature can boost creativity and that laying out in the park, under the sun and on the grass, makes for the perfect place to daydream and let your thoughts take you to new and exciting places. Grab a blanket and maybe some snacks for picnic, and let yourself lie down, look up at the sky, find shapes and faces in the clouds, and think of your next steps towards personal success and happiness.

6. Take A Walk

Walking outside brings fresh air into the lungs and acts as a nice break from a busy workday at the desk. Sitting in an office all day can limit our imaginations and creative juices, and so it's important to remove yourself throughout the day and give your body and mind some action. Experts say that walking boosts circulation and blood flow to promote creativity and cognitive thinking.

7. Visualize Your Destination

I love doing visualization exercises with my clients. Visualization can lead to greater trust and intuition in people, and it can allow us to really picture ourselves on our journeys, going through various steps, and reaching our destinations, our ideals of just how far we can get to achieve fulfillment. Experts say imagery can yield greater, more creative results, as it fires up the neural pathways needed to reach that cognitive success.

8. Exercise In The Morning

Working out first thing in the morning can enhance cognitive thinking, mental awareness and memory, as well as boost our mood with a rush of feel-good endorphins and help us foster creativity to be more productive during the day. Start your day off on a high note, and use your imagination and influx of happiness hormones to take you to your next steps.

9. Take Risks

"Unless you're open minded to new challenges and possibilities, you won't be able to get out of a creative rut," says Greenberg. "Taking risks can be scary, but it's also crucial for making big moves and achieving tangible results." Greenberg suggests choosing one major risk at a time, so that success is more likely and that the mind doesn't get overwhelmed. He continues,"playing it safe hinders creativity. You just got to say, 'I feel good about this. Let's do this thing.'"

10. Imitate & Learn From Others

"I look to role models, those whom I've seen do amazing things in business that are really unique and exciting," says Greenberg. By observing those who have had much experience or are known for their creativity, it's a great way to brainstorm your own ideas and get on that same path towards success. "Seeing others brainstorm ideas makes my mind light up," he adds. Let others' creativity rub off and channel it into your own ventures.

11. Create Opportunities To Be Creative

Whether you're a artist, a writer, an entrepreneur or a designer, make opportunities to network and learn from others and to get in touch with your creative inclinations. Conduct a painting class or ask a local coffee shop if they'd like to feature your work. "As a website designer, I am always trying to be more creative in my projects for both my clients and my company's next steps," says Greenberg. "In a way, designing is meditative for me," he adds, "and it makes me feel like I am fulfilling my purpose and creating something unique, modern and beautiful."

Whether you are stuck in a rut or have run out of ideas, let your mind wander to come up creative ways to find inner success. Take risks, put yourself out there, and don't hold back any intuitive thoughts or opportunities. Channeling creativity is the best way to find activities you love and to take yourself to exciting new levels, personally and professionally.

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