6 Skin Care Products to Prep All Skin Types for Spring

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Hey, I had almost completely forgotten what the sun felt like! In a word: great. If the slowly but surely rising temperatures are any indication, it would seem to me that spring is, indeed, on its way. And we thought this day would never come!

Winter is all about rich, creamy cleansers and thick moisturizers, like the equivalent of six layers of varying weights and densities plus a scarf for your skin, and the closer we get to the equinox, the less of them we need. It's about time. This winter does feel like it has lasted several years rather than several months, so I don't blame you if you have no clue where to begin when it comes to getting your skin ready for the coming season. Let's talk about a few key products you can add to your arsenal to make the segue that much easier.

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