MAC Has 17 More Summer Lip Colors Coming Soon

Just when you thought the summer launches were finally wrapping up, this company is here to shake things up in a big way. MAC Cosmetics is launching a limited edition lipwear collection, and you don't have much time to save up. When does the MAC Blue Nectar line come out, you ask? All 14 new shades and three comeback colors will be here June 2, so get those wallets ready.

Summer hasn't even officially begun and all the product launches have already completely drained makeup lovers' wallets across the globe. While some brands focused on glowing warm-weather skin trends, MAC Cosmetics' is opting for a much more classic staple. According to a tweet from Senior Artist for MAC Cosmetics UK Dominic Skinner the company is launching six new MAC Plushglass lipglosses and 11 lipsticks for the limited edition — three of which are old favorites.

Ranging from bright red to purple to hot pink, this line has everything you need for a bold summer lip. At $21 a piece, odds are you won't be able to stock up on the entire collection, so you might want to plan accordingly. You might remember three of the shades — Barbecue, Ablaze, and Riot House — which are coming back in limited quality for the summer.

The company has been going crazy with different lip collections lately, so it's hard to keep up. Skinner has teased the Fashion Pack lipstick collection and Tender Talk Lip Conditioners that are also coming out sometime in June as well. I'd say that's a lot to look forward to.

If you're looking to get your hands on one or a few of these lipsticks, I'd mark your calendars for June 2, because you never know when these colors will be back next. There's no official time of the launch yet, but the MAC site will be the only ones selling the limited edition line.

On the plus side, if you miss this launch, you still have the other two to look forward to!