This Is How Long It Takes Kim K To Get Ready

by Sienna Fantozzi

If anyone has ever complained that you take a long time to get ready to go out, prepare to feel a whole lot better about yourself when you hear how long it takes Kim Kardashian to get ready every day. Kardashian just gave People a peek at her everyday glam sessions, and they are seriously intense. But honestly, would you have expected anything low maintenance from Kim K?

One thing I love about Kim is that she's always pretty open with her fans. She gives us real insight into her daily routine and what goes into being her, and she has literally no shame in revealing private parts of her life. While most of us may not like to admit how long it takes us to get ready, Kardashian shared a quick video of her everyday makeup and hair routine on her website, and it takes her a whopping two hours to complete. Every. Single. Day. I mean, whoa — that is serious commitment to beauty.

Of course, Kim doesn't do any of this by herself, but rather has her hairstylist and makeup artist go to work on her while she takes the time to catch up on emails and phone calls. So it's not all wasted time, I guess.

Gotta love her for the honesty, but I'm not totally sure looking flawless would be worth me giving up two hours of my day. But I guess anything goes when you're Kim Kardashian.

This isn't the first time Kim K. has gone over-the-top when it comes to beauty or fashion. Check out these other facts about her that prove she does not mess around when it comes to looking her best.

1. Her Makeup Routine Uses 40 Products

Kim's makeup artist, Arabella Sicardi, revealed that it takes 40 products and over 50 steps to complete her daily makeup routine. Whoa — now you understand the two hour time commitment.

2. Her Makeup Routine Costs A Lot!

What's it going to cost you to follow Kim's beauty routine everyday? Sicardi revealed that Kim's daily routine costs over $1,200 in products. Yikes.

3. She Splurges On Skincare, Too

Think makeup is the only beauty routine she splurges on? Nope — Kim's skincare routine is just as high-maintenance. She uses over $1,700 in products, according to StyleCaster. She does have gorgeous skin, though.

4. She Spends A Lot Of Time Perfecting Her Hair Color

We all loved Kim's platinum blonde hair, but she revealed that it took serious work to keep her normally dark hair that color. She tweeted "Being blonde is a full time job!" while also posting various shots of her touching up her roots on the regs. That's devotion to good hair color.

5. She Wore A Jacket With Her Face On It

And honestly, only she could pull this off.