'PLL's Season 7 Promo Is FINALLY Here

Pretty Little Liars is back with an Uber A bang in a new promo video released Tuesday. The fast-paced and shadowy look into the Season 7, which premieres June 8, lends a lot of questions about what sort of mess the girls have gotten themselves into this time around. Questions like who the heck are Aria, Spencer, and Emily burying — is it Sarah Harvey or, gasp, Hanna (#SaveHanna)?! Also, more bland questions like is that a surgical saw and has it been properly sanitized come to mind. But, at the same time, the new promo for Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars is spooky and exciting, and it doesn't give much away at all — which is perhaps, the best course of action for the trailer of a show this melodramatic.

It seems our girls will spend a great deal of the season engaged in moral battles with just enough of a dash of romance to keep us from losing our minds. Which, when it comes down to it, seems pretty standard for a season of this Freeform show. Backing this up: According to the synopsis for the season, "the liars are going to make the biggest mistake of their lives, and the mysterious 'Uber A' is going to use it to their advantage." This promo definitely speaks to that sort of goings-on and makes it seem like this season might be, if not one of the best, definitely the most intense seasons of PLL.

If you aren't caught up on what's going down in Rosewood, Season 6 will be available on Netflix June 1. You'll have plenty of time (well, OK, a week) to catch up on before your life can be taken over by the mind-blowing dramatics of Season 7.

Images: Freefrom, Giphy