MTV Gets At The Issues With "Elect This" Campaign

On June 1, MTV unveiled its 2016 "Elect This" campaign, in an effort to recenter this year's presidential election around the most important issues, rather than the people running for office. Since an MTV study found that three out of four millennials are embarrassed by this year's presidential race, their "Elect This" campaign aims to get at what millennials really care about: the issues. The study found that 93 percent of young voters "see through the chaos and agree 'this election should be about issues.'"

Some of the issues MTV is focusing on through "Elect This" include jobs, student debt, racial justice, healthcare, and national security. Sean Atkins, the president of MTV, said, "The vast majority of millennials are already frustrated and fatigued by this election cycle, yet remain energized and capable as ever about having an impact on the issues that matter to them."

In other words: No, we don't care as much about the Trumps, the Clintons, the Sanders — and their televised spectacles and personalities — as we do about the issues that drive our activism and livelihoods. According to MTV's study, 85 percent of the surveyed millennials noted that "people in my community are more inspiring than politicians," and 88 percent of people aged 18-34 suggested that they were voting based on the issues that were most important to them.

MTV is launching their campaign along with original content platforms, including Infographica and Robo-Roundtable. Infographica, which will be released multiple times throughout any given week, includes MTV polling data on the issues that matter most to millennials. The teaser for the series laid out that 80 percent of millennials want renewable energy by 2030, and two out of three "support a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants," among other issues important to young people, like gun control and LGBT justice.

Robo-Roundtable, meanwhile, is a digitally animated series that "pokes fun at puppet politics" with a robot parrot, a robot, an alligator, and a stuffed bear as satirical pundits who will engage in debates on important issues, like the legalization of marijuana and gun control. They will also deliver breaking news throughout the week.

MTV found that young people are making this election a priority, with only 37 percent of respondents suggesting that they are "too busy with other things," and it's for that reason that they're rolling out their "Elect This" coverage with a focus on the issues that millennials want to see discussed in this election cycle. Young people are extremely engaged in the issues this year, so MTV will help them become even more informed a way that is accessible and entertaining to the population who has the power to make the most change this year.

"Elect This" includes a partnership between MTV and and Tumblr in order for young people to create change on their own through online petitions and ensure that "Elect This" is reaching people through different digital mediums. Keep your eye out for more on this important campaign.

Images: MTV "Elect This" (1)