33 Amazing Photos That Prove You Need to Go to Seattle Right Now

It's truly fitting that Seattle's nickname is the Emerald City. After all, the city, tucked away on the northwest side of the U.S., truly is a gem. Despite its rainy reputation, Seattle is one of the country's brightest cities, with a diverse offering of attractions both well-known (the Space Needle, natch) and off the beaten path (a stunning example: Kubota Garden). 

Add in the gorgeous Lake Washington and the awe-inspiring Mount Rainier, and you have a destination that seems to pack in more nature in just 84 square miles than you've seen crossing several states. So what if Seattle attracts 36 inches of rain each year? Buy an umbrella, because, after seeing these 33 amazing photos, you'll want to book tickets to see the Emerald City now. 

Image: Sam Al-Khoury (Check him out on Instagram here)

Space Needle and Downtown Seattle From Kerry Park

Image: Sam Al-Khoury

Seattle Waterfront

Image: runner310/Flickr

Seattle Great Wheel

Image: Sam Al-Khoury

Mt. Rainier From Below

Image: Sam Al-Khoury

City Night Lights

Image: SheldonPhotography/Flickr

View from Afar

Image: justinmaier/Flickr

Mt. Rainier from Lake Washington

Image: Sam Al-Khoury

Pacific Medical Courtyard at Amazon

Image: Wonderlane/Flickr

Myrtle Falls

Image: SheldonPhotography/Flickr

Seattle Waterfront

Image: Nicola since 1972/Flickr

Gasworks Park

Image: Sam Al-Khoury

International Fountain

Image: Dudley Carr/Flickr

Golden Gardens Park

Image: Wonderlane/Flickr

Seattle Waterfront

Image: Piutus/Flickr

Washington Mutual Tower & More From Below

Snoqualmie Falls

Image: jc.winkler/Flickr

Volunteer Park Conservatory

Image: rutlo/Flickr

Port of Seattle and West Seattle From the Smith Tower

Image: Sam Al-Khoury

Volunteer Park

Image: 2namod/Flickr

Volunteer Park

Image: rutlo/Flickr

View From the Space Needle

Image: llkim/Flickr

Green Lake

Image: Sam Al-Khoury

Public Market

Image: Wildcat Dunny/Flickr

Olympic Sculpture Park

Image: Wonderlane/Flickr

Moonlit Cityscape

Image: Motivated Imagination/Flickr

Alki Beach Park

Image: Chas Redmond

Warren G. Magnuson Park

Image: Wonderlane/Flickr

Mt. Rainier

Image: signal11/Flickr

Washington Park Arboretum

Image: danxoneil/Flickr

Lake Washington

Image: Matthew Townsend/Flickr

Kubota Garden

Image: Chas Redmond/Flickr

Kerry Park

Image: Seattleye/Flickr

Beecher's Cheese

The most beautiful sight of all.

Image: MoreLife81/Flickr