Blocking People On Snapchat Is Easy — Here's How

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We've all had that one "friend" on Snapchat, right? You know, the one who keeps sending you Snaps and Chats despite your not-so-subtle cues virtually screaming no, I don't want to hook up, or I don't need any magic mascara right now, thank you very much. Accordingly, we've all probably pondered how to block people on Snapchat at some point or another. The good news is that you absolutely can do just that, and I'm going to walk you through the process to make it as quick and hassle-free as possible.

If you're someone who is well-versed in Snapchat, you undoubtedly know that Snapchat is an increasingly popular social media app set apart from the competition by the fact its messages self-destruct (aka automatically disappear) mere seconds after being opened. If you want to show off your day and/or your mad Snapchatting skills, though, you can create a Snapchat story to post in your stories feed — Stories remain visible to you and your friends for 24 hours before automatically deleting. You know who can't see them? People you've blocked. In addition to not being able to send you Snaps or Chats anymore, blocked Friends can't view your Stories.

If you're ready to block an overzealous or unwanted Snapchatter, just follow these steps.

1. Go To Your "My Friends" Section

First things first — you've got to find the offender. So go to your profile (you can get there by clicking on your little ghost head icon at the top of your screen), and tap on "My Friends." If you don't see the person's name in your friend feed, skip ahead to Step 4.

2. Find Their Name

Scroll through your Friends feed and locate the name of the person who has been driving you batty. Tap on said name.

3. Block Away

Once you've tapped on their name, you should see the gear icon for Settings beneath their name. If you tap that and scroll down, you can select "Block." If you aren't trying to block a friend but, rather, some rando who Chatted you, proceed to the next step.

4. Swipe Left On The Snapchatter's Name

Let's say you aren't even friends with this person and they keep sending you unsolicited and unwanted Chats — not cool, right? In this case, you need to start by swiping left on their name.

5. Commence With The Blockage

To the right top of your screen, you should see three little horizontal bars just above their Chat history. Tap on those bars, and then tap "Block." Voila! If the person you want to block is someone who added you at some point, refer to Step 6.

6. Go To Your "Added Me" Section

This is on your home profile, just above the tab for "My Friends." Remember, you just need to tap the little ghost icon to get back home — it's like the ruby slippers of Snapchat.

7. Tap Their Name

Just as you would if this person was a friend you added, you need to find their name and either tap the gear icon next to it or simply swipe left on their name.

8. Get Your Block On

Among the options that pop up, tap "Block" to prevent them from seeing any future Stories you create or from sending you any more inane Snaps and Chats.

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