Taco Bell's Waffle Taco and 11 More Fast Food Monstrosities We Find Totally Terrifying

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We’re a mere month away from the day that Taco Bell launches its new breakfast menu nationwide — and that means that we’re about to come face to face with our worst breakfast nightmare: The Waffle Taco. Taco Bell’s answer to the Egg McMuffin, it consists of egg and sausage stuffed into a taco shell-shaped waffle…to which all I can say is this: WHAT IS THIS MONSTROSITY?!

In an effort to deal with my paralyzing fear of this strange and horrifying creation, I’ve delved deep into the vaults that hold all our worst fast food failures. The results? A list of 10 other edible monstrosities, most of which have since seen their (blessed) demise There is hope! The Waffle Taco won’t last forever, thank goodness.

Image: Taco Bell

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