When Will Rob & Blac Chyna's Show Premiere?

While I'm sure that Rob Kardashian's current relationship saga will escalate the drama in the coming season(s) of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, that drama is apparently too much for one show to contain. As per a press release from E!, the network has greenlit a Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna docuseries called Rob & Chyna. The subject material? The show will apparently center around Kardashian and Chyna "preparing for their first child together" as well as their, "whirlwind romance." Are you ready for it? Because I sure am. But, before we get all worked up over this new, sure-to-be juicy, six-episode long show, we should probably figure out when the Rob & Chyna premiere date is first, right?

I mean, I personally think that's the first step in any good TV watching plan. According to the press release, we unfortunately don't have an exact premiere date just yet. You will have to leave your schedule open so that you can pencil in diligently watching Rob & Chyna sometime "later this year." Womp. Yeah, I know couldn't they have given us just a bit more detail? Just a smidgen? We really don't ask for much.

Despite E!'s lack of specificity when it comes to the premiere, if the show's following Chyna's pregnancy, they probably won't end filming until her pregnancy is over. According to an OBGYN who analyzed Chyna's sonogram for Hollywood Life, her "estimated due date [is] 11/8/16." So, unless they start airing the episodes before filming is over, I think there'll be a premiere date anywhere from late-November to mid-December. Regardless of when it airs though, we'll also get a glimpse of the baby once it enters the world. E! relayed that there will be a, "special celebrating the birth of their baby following the series' run."

What's that sound? Oh, I think it's just all that tea that's ready to boil come fall and/or winter.