Louis Tomlinson's Twinning With His Childhood Self

Stop what you're doing and admire Louis Tomlinson's childhood photo. The One Direction singer (and dad to son Freddie Reign) just shared the adorable throwback image on Instagram — you know, one of those proud parent moments where they get their kid to pose in his soccer (er, football) uniform — and you guys, he looks exactly the same. I mean exactly.

Sure, the hair may be a little different (One Direction stans have Lou Teasdale to thank for that), but young Louis Tomlinson is literally the spitting image of 2016 Louis Tomlinson: Football jersey, wry smile, perfectly styled brown locks and all.

Since Tomlinson captioned the photo with a ~mysterious~ "Little did I know...," that caption can be open to interpretation. Little did he know that sweet kid would grow up to be world-famous? Little did he know that he would go on to wear that same uniform in a charity football match on Wednesday? Little did he know he would be twinning with his childhood self in 2016? There are so many possibilities, and literally all of them fit.

The most probable answer, of course, is "little did [Tomlinson] know" that however many years after this photo was taken, he would be wearing the same exact jersey while gearing up for a charity football game against his 1D bandmate Niall Horan (and a bunch of other celebs). But it's not just the same uniform that made fans (read: me) do a double-take while staring at the photo — it's the fact that even without the jersey, this version of Tomlinson is twinning (and twinning hard) with 2016 Tomlinson.

Sure, 24-year-old Louis Tomlinson is now a crazy successful boy bander, a father, and more wealthy (and famous) than any of us could ever imagine. But in looking at his childhood throwback photo, it's clear that some things never change.