More Good News For Amanda Bynes

Things have really been looking up for Amanda Bynes recently. First she completed rehab and enrolled in fashion school, then she got the opportunity to have her bong throwing case dropped, and now Amanda Bynes has avoided jail time from a DUI charge. Of course, Bynes should not have been throwing bongs out of windows or driving after drinking in the first place, but if she's really getting her life back on track, then that's a good thing.

Bynes was convicted of reckless driving on Monday and pled no-contest. The charge was in regard to an April 2012 incident where Bynes drove into the back of a police cruiser. Bynes' plea was for a charge called "wet reckless" which is "a lesser alcohol-related offense that does not have the same consequences as a DUI, sparing her jail time," according to People.

Bynes has been sentenced to three years probation and must complete a three-month alcohol education program.

This report comes not long after Bynes received some equally good news about her bong throwing case. If you don't remember, Bynes threw what was said to be a bong out of the window of her Manhattan apartment in May 2013 and was charged with reckless endangerment, marijuana possession, and tampering with evidence. In January, Bynes found out that the charges would be dropped if she stayed out of a trouble and saw a counselor twice a week for six months.

A lot of times it seems celebrities get legal charges dropped for whatever reason (the best lawyers? purely their notoriety?) and after her erratic behavior, it was hard to imagine Bynes coming out of everything fine. Here's hoping she sticks to her probation and counselor visits and proves everyone wrong on both counts.