16 Baby Names Inspired By Summer

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The first official day of summer isn't until June 20 — but it's currently 102 degrees where I live, so as far as I'm concerned, the season has definitely already begun. And hey, if you've got a wee one on the way, there are all sorts of beautiful baby names inspired by summer to pass along to your newborn. It's the season of sunshine, flowers, blue skies, and barbecued hot dogs... but maybe we'll leave that last one out of the name selection process for now. Naming your kid "Hot Dog" might result in some unfortunate playground incidents.

The cool thing about summer-inspired baby names is the variety and flexibility. Maybe your rose garden is blossoming outside, and you think, "Hm. I like the name Rose." So name your kid Rose! Or Rosie. Or Rosalie. Rosemary. Flower. Garden. There are countless ways to go. And they all sound pretty, because summer-y words are sweet like that. Not to mention the fact that they evoke a feeling of warm weather, gentle breezes, pool days, and total peace and relaxation.

Whether you're expecting a boy or a girl, the summer season gives you lots of ideas for naming your bundle of joy. Think outside the box! And if you need a little help getting started, here are just some of the monikers you could go with.

1. June

The start of summer also happens to make a precious baby name.

2. Summer

If you'd rather cut right to the chase, Summer is also a bright and happy name for your baby.

3. Pearl

What better way to honor summer and the month of June than by naming your baby after its birthstone?

4. Isla

Meaning "island," the baby name Isla is a beautiful nod to the summer season.

5. August/Augustine

August or Augusta for a girl and Augustine for a boy will remind you of the warm weather every time you call their name.

6. Kelly

Kelly Slater is arguably one of the greatest surfers in the world. The fact that this name is commonly gender-neutral makes it even cooler.

7. Leo

If you were born between July 23 and Aug. 22, you're a Leo. A lovely moniker for any newborn! Also, Leo DiCaprio. Yum.

8. Daisy

Not only does this represent the white and yellow flower, but the name also means "day's eye," because daisies open their petals at daybreak. How neat is that?

9. Sunny/Sonny

Just one little change in spelling makes this gender-neutral name perfect for both girls and boys.

10. Ray

While Ray is often perceived as a boy's name, it's equally appropriate for girls. After all, they're your little rays of sunshine, too.

11. Eden

With two interesting meanings, Eden refers to both a place abundant in natural beauty, and also the garden where Adam and Eve first lived, based on the account in Genesis.

12. Sandy

Summer vacations brings you back to memories of running along the sandy beaches, and Sandy makes a meaningful name for any son or daughter.

13. Meadow

If a grassy field full of flowers and life doesn't conjure up happy thoughts of summer, nothing will.

14. Phoenix

In Greek history, the phoenix builds its own pyre and rises from the ashes, bright orange and oftentimes set ablaze.

15. Coral

Coming in a variety of colors, coral grows under the sea.

16. Lake

Nothing will ever beat summers at the lake. What a lovely memory to pass on through the name of your baby!

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