These 7 TV Characters Had Abortions, Flying In the Face Of One Of The Media's Remaining Taboos

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The things we see in movies and television don’t usually mirror real life, but that’s especially true when it comes to abortions. The subject is one of the last remaining TV taboos, and a group called Advancing New Standards of Reproductive Health set out to see if the industry had improved in their depictions of the procedure in recent years.

In the group’s analysis, researchers found only eighty seven instances of abortion stories that aired on primetime network television. Abortion is also portrayed more as more dangerous than it is in real life, while other medical procedures (like CPR) are portrayed as safer than they really are. Approximately nine percent of female characters on TV die from their abortions, compared to zero percent of women in real life.

Even though TV and film are still waiting to catch up with public opinion on abortion and finally show us realistic portrayals of women who choose to have them, there are still a few great TV characters that had abortions over the life of their show. Many characters on TV have contemplated abortion, but these seven TV characters went through the with the procedure, most of them without apology.

Image: AMC

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