Is She Taking A Break From Acting?

But should she volunteer? Harvey Weinstein recently said that Jennifer Lawrence should take a break from acting, and he made it sounds like our heroine of all things Hollywood actually will be stepping out of the spotlight for a bit. While the suggestion of taking a break of work and acting is far from taking off of public life (ahem, Alec Baldwin) and retiring from fame (ahem, Shia LeBeouf), there's certainly some weight to the statement: a super young actress who can't even legally rent a car who is working balls hard should probably get some r'n'r, yeah?

Weinstein said that "she’s going to have a long break for a year where she won’t do anything. It’s been non-stop for her and she deserves a rest."

Since this "rest" doesn't seem like it's happening very soon — not when she's up for an Academy Award for her role in American Hustle, and not with Hunger Games fans awaiting Mockingjay, two-part final installment of the trilogy, this could just be a movie mogul attempting to give some sage advice in fear of a potential burnout. But as soon as she gets a moment to rest, it actually sounds like a year-long hiatus could be pretty viable, since the actress said last year that she needed to build her "human life" and "not work for awhile."

While she has yet to confirm this time off, it seems likely she'll be shying away from projects in favor of taking care of herself. And to be frank, who wouldn't support a screen darling resting a bit…and then coming back with even more stellar work? However, this is one of those stars! They're actually NOT just like us! moments, since the majority of us can't just take a year off of work and build our human lives; we've got to work AND be humans at the same time. Funny enough, this is an actress who has captured our hearts by being not only exceptionally talented, but super candid and human.