9 Bachelorette Party Tips for the Best Night Ever

The bachelorette party venue is booked. The outfit is bought. The friends have RSVP'd. So, what's next? How about rounding up the best bachelorette party toys and accessories? No matter where you and the group are headed (be it a weekend in Vegas with your girls, a fancy dinner, or a girls night-in), the options are actually endless — and all sound like so much fun!

No matter what, throwing a bachelorette party that doesn't suck is easy when you have all of the ingredients for an amazing time: Your friends, great entertainment, and an awesome setting. But what about those things you never knew you needed? The bachelorette party supplies and knick-knacks that will take your crazy night to the next level? Often, the little things that can make a party the party are an afterthought. You know: the things that would make your soirée "Pinterest-worthy."

Sometimes a witty T-shirt, bachelorette alternative accessories, a few personalized decorations, and a bunch of games can go a long way. And then there are the things you didn't even know that you needed — the things that will make you feel better the next morning after a wild night out (come on, don't shake your head, you know what that hangover feels like).

Always Be Prepared for Any Kind of Emergency

Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit for Her , $27, Amazon

Be prepared for any kind of snafu — be it stress-induced migraines, a loose hem, onion ring breath, or even a run in your stocking. This emergency kit has it all: pain reliever, double-sided tape, clear polish, breath mist, hairspray, and even a deodorizing toilette. You can be there for the bride when she needs you most, or just bask in the glory of messy eating, knowing you've got a stain remover handy whenever you need it.

Everyone Will Look At You and Think #SquadGoals

Kate Aspen Bachelorette Bash Party Kit, $37, Amazon

Supplies is necessary for every great party. This party kit will make it so much easier with everything you need being in one place. Whether you decide to stay in all night with your girls or you head out to the bar, everyone you encounter will know it's time for the Bachelorette Bash. Bring your "Bachelorette Bash" cups to the bar with you, and ask the bartender to make your drinks in them.

Party in Style While Embracing The Kitschiness

Plastic Wedding Ring Shot Glass, $10, Amazon

It's always great to find something inexpensive and fun. So, take shots in style — out of plastic diamond ring shot glasses. If you're not into bringing them out with you, you could always make some Jello shots at home. If you are going the jello shot route, visit a craft store to purchase a piece of foam to stick the rings in, so that the Jello doesn't make a mess in your fridge!

Make A Weekend of It

Girls Night Out - Bachelorette Party Wine Bottle Labels (Set of 4), $8, Amazon

Why just have one night for your Bachelorette Party? Make a weekend of it, so you can have a night out, a great day of brunching or beaching, and then a girls night-in. And no girls night in is complete without some wine. You can make this a night in to remember and dress up your wine bottles with some bachelorette themed labels. (This also makes a great gift for the Bride if you aren't sure what to bring to a bachelorette party).

Never Have I Ever... Played So Many Fun Games

Never Have I Ever "Girls Night Out Edition," $12, Amazon

Learn your friends' secrets with the game you used to play in college. With more than 150 "Never Have I Ever" questions, you and your friends will spend the night laughing and discovering things about your BFFs that you never knew. You can play it as a drinking game, like it's usually played, or just use it as a conversation starter. You'll end up hearing some great stories and having a night full of fun.

Say Cheese! Remember Your Night With A Photo Booth

Girls Night Out- Bachelorette Party Photo Booth Props Kit (20 Count), $20, Amazon

One of my favorite ways to keep memories is by taking photos. Set up a photo booth, or use an instant camera to take pictures that will provide you with memories well after the party is over. And no photo booth is complete without some silly props. Put up a background, and provide your guests with a board to stick their photos on, so you can bring it home with you afterwards.

Leave Your Guests With Something Fun

Ban.Do Canvas Tote Bag , $20, Amazon

Give the group something useful and fun to use at the party, or just to remember it later on. If you're headed to the beach or a pool party, why not keep all your things together in a durable canvas tote? Reusable favors are so much better than something that will just be tossed in a drawer. And now every time the friends use it, they'll instantly remember how awesome the bachelorette party was.

Tell Your Hangover to Hit The Road

Design Corral Complete Hangover Kit Black (3 Pk), $17, Amazon

A bad hangover can feel deadly. Bounce back quickly with the ultimate hangover kit. You can find all of your necessities, like Emergen-C, Ibuprofen, Band-Aids, earplugs, minty Life Savers and a hilarious "survivor" temporary tattoo in this cute cotton bag. It's the perfect party favor, and what's even better is that everything comes put together, so there is no need to go out to the store and assemble your own kit.

Stay Hydrated... And Personalized

Personalized Bachelorette Party Water Bottle Sticker Labels (Set of 10), $9, Amazon

It's the little things that people remember. Like those personalized water bottles that you stocked in the fridge. Customize your labels, and then get sticking! (The labels fit on most normal sized water bottles.) Why not stay hydrated in style? Whether it's the next morning or throughout the night, your water bottles will remind everyone to make some fun memories.

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