Twitter's In-Theater Advertising Joined Our List of the 8 Worst People at the Movies

Well, Twitter just may have inadvertently encouraged everyone to start tweeting and posting Vine videos during movies. You know, those two hours you pay $10-$15 to see the latest and greatest on the big screen. Yeah, that. That sweet sweet fragment of solitude and escapism is going to feel a whole lot more like almost every other social and public setting where people are on their smartphones constantly. Which is basically all of them. Twitter struck up a deal with movie theaters like AMC and Cinemark in which Twitter will produce "shows" during the pre-movie entertainment.

During these short spots, Twitter will feature viral content from their site as well as Vine and encourage audiences to share their moviegoing experience. Which to me sounds like people are now going to be even more likely to text, tweet, and Vine during a film. Because, you know, there isn't enough of those little glowing screens to distract people from the movie that they actually paid to watch.

It's all in the name of advertising. Twitter and Vine get more turf, theaters get more paid advertising, and we all participate in the hashtaggery. You can expect the Twitter ads to start popping up this summer. So now, fair theatergoer you must ask yourself, "Do I forgo the ads and risk getting a good seat? Or do I risk it in order to cherish the good 'ol fashioned movie experience?" The choice is yours.

The new legion of movie Tweeters and Vine-makers (isn't that kind of like bootlegging?) join this list of the absolute WORST people you meet at the movies. Enjoy (and scowl).

The guy who keeps matter what

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Listen, sir I don’t know how much side-eye and shushing an entire theater can give you before you can it. So can it already.I get it I get it, sometimes something happens in a movie and you just have to “ZOMG” into your bestie’s ear. In a whisper. That’s fiiiiine. Your full blown conversation is appreciated by absolutely no one. I paid good money to see That Awkward Moment and I’d like to enjoy Zac Efron’s abs without your commentary. Pleaseandthankyou.

The Tonsil Hockey Pros

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Unless everyone in the theater is also 17 and you’re at some bad horror film, save it for the parking lot.

The Late Arrivals

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images


You made this bed, now lie in it.

Whoever ordered the nachos

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Not only does the gelatenous cheese and sad jalapenos reek to no end, everyone knows you’ll be the guy getting up every 15 minutes to go to the bathroom after consuming them. Thanks, guy.

The parents who bring their inappropriately aged child

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Uh, I’m pretty sure movie rating systems were made for a reason. Bringing your 3-year-old to an R-rated film on a Saturday night is not only distracting to every other grown up, but waaaaay out of line. Also, who knows what your kid is going to pick up from the movie theater floor. Also, have fun dealing with the nightmares after your toddler sits through Pompeii. SO MANY LEVELS OF BAD WITH THIS.

The Loud Eaters

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Who knew popcorn was made out of glass these days. Really, I had no idea that a Snickers also somehow needs to be slurped. Oh and that empty sound at the bottom of your cup definitely doesn’t mean your drink is gone. It means you need to sleep slugging up the meltinging ice and the remnants of whatever flavor drink you were once consuming.

The Critic

The majority of the previews you see before a movie are GARBAGE. But that doesn’t mean you have to loudly announce to everyone whether or not you’re planning on seeing it because A. who cares and B. stop encouraging the fellow loud talkers.

Image: aceofticks/Tumblr

The Phone Answerer

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Movie theaters have dimly lit the aisles for a reason. Just see your way out. And now with this new Twitter deal, people and their phones at the movies will be even more insufferable. Great.