Lana Del Rey's Blonde Hair Could Be Here To Stay

Warm weather means more fun in the sun, and by the looks of it — this typically dark-haired songstress has been letting her tresses bathe in the sunlight. OK, so that’s not really how her hair changed color, but it definitely is much lighter than it used to be. Is Lana Del Rey’s blonde hair real? Even though we don't see her try out a new style often, it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if it were!

While this does seem like quite the drastic change for the singer, that’s only because we’re used to seeing her as a redhead. But, according to People, she was a blonde back in 2010 and dyed her hair darker. So, these blonde locks could actually be closer to her natural hair color and not just because it’s summer. But, either way, if I had to guess I’d say this blonde dye job is real. How long she’ll keep it this way, however, is another mystery entirely.

She’s not the only one to go lighter now that it’s warm out. Everyone from Lea Michele to Selena Gomez are going a bit “bronder” these days and I can’t say I blame them. Might as well embrace that “fun in the sun” spirit with your hair color, too, you know? And after seeing Del Rey as a blonde, I’ve got no summertime sadness. How could I when she looks like a bright ray of sunshine with this new ‘do?

She's just glowing.

Apparently, she's been rocking a blonde 'do for a couple of weeks now, which only leads me to believe that this is a genuine hair color she's trying out once again and not just some wig!

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I'm loving her new look. Don't get me wrong, though, her red hair was great, too. Honestly, there really isn't a hue she couldn't pull off.

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I definitely don't think she lost any of that "Old Hollywood Glam" style by going lighter. Even with her new hair, she's still got a very vintage vibe.

She's still the same Lana Del Rey. She's just, you know, a blonde now. And not to mention, oh-so on-trend for the season.

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