Customize Walls with 10 Fun Removable Ideas

by Taylor Fuller

If you're like me, then you're constantly changing your mind about everything. Literally, everything. I always wanted to change the way my room looked, which means a set of the best adhesive temporary wallpaper and decals would have been a huge help. My lack of these adhesive removable decorating essentials resulted in some very bad paint jobs (done by yours truly), a lot of holes in the wall, and a ton of tape ripping paint off of them.

This obsession moved to college with me. And with that, I spent a lot of time spackling the walls of my dorm room at the end of my freshman year. The summer going into sophomore year, my roommate introduced me to something known as an adhesive, removable wall decal. And I rejoiced. Finally, a way to customize my room the way that I wanted without giving myself more work later on, due to all the damage my tape and thumb tacks left. It was refreshing.

That was almost six years ago, and the options were pretty bleak back then (often limited to inspirational phrases). Nowadays, you can find a huge variety of inexpensive wall decals and removable wallpaper (which I find mind-blowing) to effortlessly customize your home. There is something for everyone and for every room. Plus, you can change them as often as you like.

Stay Organized With A Chalkboard

Weekly Wall Planner Vinyl Chalkboard Wall Decal Blackboard (Set of 8), $10, Amazon

Have you seen those painted on chalkboards that people have in their houses? I love them, but I can't commit to painting things on my wall anymore. These durable chalkboard sheets offer you a great alternative. They are not only removable and stand up to regular use, but extremely functional. You can keep them together and use them as a weekly wall planner, or you can put them all over your house, wherever you may find yourself making a list.

Bring the World Home With You

Stickerbrand Vinyl World Map of Earth Wall Decal, $20, Amazon

If you're a world traveler, like me, you probably dream about decorating your house with touches of the places you've visited. I'm obsessed with maps — I usually get one from every place I've lived. The one thing I know that I'm missing is a world map. Make this decal the focal point of your living room (it's a great size), and use your souvenirs from around the world to scatter around the rest of it.

Lighten Up Your Space

Wandkings Wall Stickers 250x Fluorescent Dots for A Starry Sky (Glow in the Dark), $15, Amazon

If you want something subtle but distinct, try something that might surprise someone seeing your new decals for the first time. Create a starry sky with glow-in-the-dark wall decals. They are perfect for a child's room or for someone looking to add something whimsical to their space. Gone are the days of glow-in-the-dark-stars that would not come off of the ceiling. (You know the ones).

Accent Pieces for Less

DC Fix Adhesive Film in Grey Marble, $10, Amazon

You may be interested in adding an accent piece here and there, but can't afford anything super expensive. That's where removable wallpaper comes in. Give yourself that marble backsplash without breaking the bank. All you have to do is add a bit of the adhesive paper to the tiles you currently have in your kitchen. It's a great alternative without having to spend a fortune for something that would usually put you out a couple thousand dollars.

Personalize Your Space in An Interesting Way

Rainbow Fox Photo Frame Tree Wall Stickers, $10, Amazon

If you like to add personality to your space by putting up a lot of photos, why not do it in an unexpected way? Instead of putting a bunch of picture frames all over the place, use a wall decal to create your frames. Add photos of your loved ones, and create a wonderful family tree. This decal comes in an array of colors, so you'll find something no matter what colors you like or use in your home.

Bring Your Favorite Setting Home With You

Korel Large Removable Beach Sea 3D Window Decal, $4, Amazon

Do you sometimes wish that you could be somewhere else? Pretend you're there with a 3D decal, picturing your favorite setting. These are really great for spaces that have no windows, like a basement, because the window-style sticker can open up the room and give it some extra character that you may be looking for. It's also super affordable, which means you can change your window whenever you want.

Bring the Tropics Indoors

Monstera Leaves Pattern Wallpaper , $34, Amazon

Love the tropical look, but want to work it into your decor in a more traditional way? These breezy leaves add a breath of fresh air into any room they're occupying, whether you choose to attach this self-adhesive removable paper as an accent wall or cover an entire room.

Brighten Up Smaller Rooms

Brewster Wall Pops Peel & Stick Calypso , $12, Amazon

Adding a pop of pattern into a smaller room can help open it up and add dimension, especially if you're using it as an accent wall. These tropical colored stripes would make any bath a much more relaxing experience, but best of all, they're entirely removable. (Psst! If covering the whole wall seems too much for your space, the style is also available in larger dot shapes.)

Add Some Nature To Your Living Space

Removable DIY 3D Colorful Butterfly Wall Stickers, $8, Amazon

If you love bringing nature indoors, or have a child who loves being outside, finding a wall decal that looks real could seem like a challenge. Decorate your walls with these gorgeous 3D butterflies that one user said "looked very realistic" and instantly bring some cheerfulness into your home. Place them all together or scatter them around your house. This is a great project for families to do together, as it's a bit more DIY than other wall decals.

Give Your Room The Pop of Color It Needs

RoomMates Crazy Dots Peel and Stick Wall Decals, $10, Amazon

You might not be allowed to paint your walls where you live. And when you moved in they were all white. I don't know about you, but I find a stark white wall pretty drab sometimes. Add a pop of color to an otherwise dull wall with easily removable decals. You can put them in any design you wish, and if you don't like the way it turns out, you can easily move them around. You may need to purchase multiple sheets to really add flash to your room. One user said that they were "a higher quality than other decals" that they used, so they're definitely worth the money.

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